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"Who are are you?"

My name is Sage.

"Why do you do this?"

I am passionate about learning and helping others. I am of the belief that everything constructive is knowable, and that we are capable of applying all knowledge towards everyone's benefit. It would be an honor if I can somehow faciliate that experience for you. I try to explain things simply and focus in on resources which are free so as to make it available to everyone. Likewise, I enjoy learning things from everyone else. Anything good of this website is not from me alone.

"You don't like talking about yourself much do you?"

To be honest, not really...I try to only share what has been helpful to me in some way, and while I do explicitly talk about my personal experiences from time to time, I attempt to keep it minimal. This is not to avoid self-responsibility for the things that I say, or because I have something to hide, but it helps to keep me humble and direct people's attention to the content itself. Ultimately, it shouldn't matter much who I am. I would hate for some personal quirk of mine to keep someone from carefully considering the information.

"I'm having a hard time following your writing. Can you explain [blank] ?"

I have a habit of making long sentences with extra explanations in parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ]. I also use a lot of Latin abbreviations, mainly:

Abbreviation Latin Phrase General Meaning
etc. et cetera
("and the rest")
used at the end of a list to indicate that it continues and is not exhaustive
e.g. exempli gratia
("for the sake of example")
used to indicate that what follows is an example of what preceded it
i.e. id est
("that is")
used to indicate that what follows is a more specific elaboration
et al. et alii/aliæ
("and others")
used at the end of a list of people to indicate that more were involved

Sometimes I define seemingly familiar words in peculiar ways, but the meaning is usually evident by its context or in reference to an accompanying link. There is no such thing as a "dumb question", especially when our curiosity is genuine. If something doesn't make sense, I am more than happy to elaborate on the meaning that I am attempting to convey and/or to work together to find some words that will make better sense to us both. I also don't mind looking "foolish" (or "crazy!"), if it leads us to a deeper understanding.

"Did you know that [blank] website that you have linked to is/has [blank] ?"

There are a lot of external links on this website. I try to share sites that contain something that seems informative in some way. The inclusion of a link may not necessarily be an endorsement of everything that it contains though. If you find something that is really alarming or a "broken link", please let me know and I will update it with a different one wherever possible.

For those who might be unsure of how to browse the Internet safely (which is nothing to be ashamed of!), there are many articles for both children and adults that can help.

"What happened to your Neocities site profile, link page, etc.?"

I'm sorry my friends. After much deliberation, I have decided to retire those parts of the website. I will still try to keep up with everyone's website updates as best as I can though! I will also continue to host the Let's Learn Together button for whoever wants it, but please do not feel obligated to use it. If you want to delete it from your page as a result of this decision, that is fine too. I completely understand.

"Are you anywhere else online?"

Not really...These are some of the only forums that I visit now...

"How can I contact you?"

For any other questions or comments, feel free to email me. I am always open to friendly dialogue, but please, no solicitation emails.


Advertising can be harmful. Here are a couple of other ways that you can help instead:

1. If you know anyone who could use any of the resources offered on this website, then please feel free to send them a link. Everything posted here is intended to empower those who read / hear it. This can only happen if it can get into the hands of those who need it most.

2. We can create a way of life that serves everyone. If you know of any research that could help further any of the topics covered here, then please share it with me. I am sincerely interested in what you have to say, and I am dedicated to working with others in ways that are mutually beneficial. Let's learn together! ☺

Whether or not I am able to continue, this information will always remain free and will stay up as long as Neocities exists.

Thank you! ♥