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A Personal Statement of Artistic Intent

General Purpose: To help manifest The One in both self and others through Virtue

Art as communication, meaningful message

Intentions to hold for viewer:

• To help heal (by transmutting the destructiveness of life into the constructiveness of The One)
• To help inform (by sharing useful knowledge that facilitates knowing of The One)
• To help inspire (by encouraging the constructiveness of The One inherent in each)

Art as contemplation / meditation; personally meaningful

Approach of artist:

• Mindfully aware of / present within the process
• Done with loving-kindness towards all (incl. the person or things depicted)
• Only focusing on constructive subjects (e.g.: no nudity, sex, violence, gore, drugs, weapons, etc.)
• Only utilizing non-toxic mediums for the health and safety of the environment

[Note: If you are confused by what I mean by "The One", then please see the following document.]