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Standard Sizes

One thing that is often neglected when people are "doodling", but important to keep in mind, is the use of "Standard Sizes". This makes it easier to frame and hang. Here are a few sizes that are common for smaller pieces of art [given in inches and their centimeter equivalents]:

Size of Art Piece Size of Paper
5" × 7"
12.7cm × 17.78cm
6" × 8"
15.24cm × 20.32cm
8" × 10"
20.32cm × 25.4cm
9" × 12"
22.86cm × 30.48cm
11" × 17" (Comic)
27.94cm × 43.18cm
11" × 14"
27.94cm × 35.56cm
12" × 18" (Comic)
30.48cm × 45.72cm

If one has to go larger, then 16" × 20" [40.64cm × 50.8cm] is a fairly standard canvas size. These are just a few examples. If one needs something more detailed or specific, some websites have useful breakdowns of all of the different standard sizes that are out there.

Again, try to plan out how your art fits inside the "Format" (i.e.: the size of the paper or canvas) before drawing or painting. This helps with Composition and keeps one from wasting materials by only focusing in on a small part of the available space.