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Relationship Roles (06/11/2020)

Relations are context-dependent. This means that what something "is" can change depending upon the context in which it arises. For example, a man in relation to his wife is a husband, in relation to his mother, a son, and in relation to his daughter, a father. His role changes depending upon the context.

Further, what is required of him in order to fulfill that role changes depending upon the wants and needs of the people who comprise that relationship. This point is incredibly important to understand because it can determine the quality of a relationship by changing how each person interprets it. For example, if a woman has the idea that "husbands are supposed to [blank]," and perceives that her mate is not doing that, is he fulfilling the role of husband in her eyes? Likewise, if he has not been made aware of that idea by her communicating it to him directly, how can he do it?

This is why it is important to clearly define one's terms and speak openly about expectations. These are unique to each person and can change depending upon the context! If we assume that others hold the same values that we do, then we may become disappointed when we find out that they actually don't.

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