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Note To Self (12/11/2020)

Sometimes we write things out merely to remind ourselves of what is important...

Nothing is ever done alone. Others have cultivated the food I eat, sewn the clothes I wear, assembled the computer that I am typing on, and so forth. I can only express gratitude for their sacrifice.

Therefore, instead of selfishly hoarding, I wish to readily share. But more than only material resources, this also includes knowledge, what little of each I might seem to possess.

Nothing (resources, knowledge, etc.) could ever be added to or subtracted from one to make them "more" or "less" than another in value. Therefore, we will always be equals. Rather than talk down to you, I sincerely desire to hear the constructive things that you have to say, even if you use words that I may not identify with.

I will never be worthy of that knowledge if I use it to take advantage of others. Therefore, I desire to carefully apply it towards everyone's self-empowerment. We can grow together, and I do not need to hold you back from becoming your most constructive self. When I finally found myself, I no longer needed anyone to be anything other than what they truly are, that aspect that sometimes remains hidden by lifetimes of desperation and ignorance.

Power is multiplied through teamwork, and clarity is enhanced through transparency. In this, I always wish to work together.

Some music:
Fearofdark - Surfing on a Sine Wave

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