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Manifestation & Perception (05/14/2020)

Our ability to imagine is not limited to our memories, for we can create things within our minds that we have never seen. Attaching this inner imagery to a feeling, we generate experiences within ourselves that exist independently of what we experience externally.

On the one hand, these internal experiences can become a form of escapism, somewhere inside of us that we escape to in an attempt to cope with the vicissitudes of life. On the other hand, they can also be the seed for the manfestation of something outside of us. All things have a pre-existent pattern after which they are modeled, for we must formulate a plan before we are able to enact it.

Sometimes we co-create blindly, tossed about in reaction to the things around us. But how we choose to respond to something is based on the ideas that we have cultivated about it, and further, intention and interpretation often matter more than the details of the situation itself.

Our entire perception of an event can be wholly changed by the addition of just a small piece of new information. For example, what seems like a rude comment from another, turns out to be a reflection of the pain that they are feeling within, while a happy laugh can actually be a mask for manipulation.

Take care.

Some music:
Josh Garrels - Born Again

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