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Frustrations Becoming Peace (05/16/2020)

Finding peace inside of the moments that we are frustrated is a skill that can be developed. It may seem difficult at first, but it becomes ever easier with practice.

One of the simplest ways of starting this process is simply by challenging the feeling. We can ask ourselves, "Why am I feeling frustrated?", and then listen carefully to what arises within. Oftentimes, the reasons behind a frustration have little to do with the thing that triggered it, and becoming aware of this tendency helps keep us from "taking out" our frustrations on others. Further, the more we can get along with others, the less frustrations we have all around!

These ideas may seem obvious, but it is a common occurrence that people who are unaware of why they are feeling what they are feeling often make poor decisions while reacting to life from within those feelings. While some of these decisions might be of little consequence, merely causing minor inconveniences, others can affect both themselves and others in ways that are incredibly destructive in the long-term.

In summary: Obtaining a lasting peace is a matter of having the presence of awareness to consistently choose it, and ultimately, other people are not responsible for the emotions that we choose to entertain. Yet, everyone (including ourselves) benefits from a positive emotion! ☺

Some music:
Mercy - Love (Can Make You Happy)

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