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Syzygy (05/18/2020)

If we are divided within ourselves it can be difficult to live life in a way that is balanced. For example, if a person's behaviors are motivated by desires that go towards extremes, whether it be a selfish hedonism or an anxiety-ridden repression, the resultant actions will be harmful to both themselves and others. How do we resolve this situation?

It is important to realize that, on the deepest of levels, there is already an aspect to our being that is completely coherent and serves to unify all of our other aspects. In other words, by using the constructiveness that is inherent to our being as a point of reference, we can bring all of our other "parts" into balance. This process is not forcing a "square peg to fit into a round hole", but one of careful integration. We respect the uniqueness of each aspect and bring them into harmony with one another in ways that serve All. The more that we acknowledge this process of balanced integration, the more that we have a tendency to experience a sense of wholeness.

Likewise, from this place of wholeness we can begin to unify our internal and external experience. We come to realize that we are continguous with our environment and everything within it. The boundary between "inside" and "outside" seems to fall away for a moment. One must be cautious lest this experience of Oneness degrade into a kind of solipsistic arrogance which states "Only I exist!". Instead, it is a sensing of the unity within a seeming diversity. Each is valuable for it contributes something meaningful to the whole.

Some music:
Jason Martineau - Lovers

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