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Imagination As Play (05/20/2020)

One's imagination can be like a playground. The things that we sense around us can be transformed within our "mind's eye" in ways that are fun and creative. For example, we can imagine a car that we see outside of our window in a completely different color and style, even something wild (like covered in neon polka dots). However, this kind of imagining does not necessarily need to be limited to changes of the physical objects that we sense. We can also organize and explore more abstract information within our mind, such as the interconnections between symbols. This practice is particularly useful for helping us to understand and remember the things that we hear or read.

An interesting exercise is to try to visualize an object in the environment around us that is not actually there. For example, while sitting at a table, we can imagine that there is a glass on the table in front of us. Then, we can "look at" this object more carefully to see the details of it. What shape is it? Is there a texture or design along its surface? What kind of liquid is it holding? When we get efficient at doing this, we can keep a "virtual object" of great complexity before us and interact with it dynamically as if it is really there.

In general, there is no reason to ever be "bored" because there is always something to do inside of our own minds.

Some music:
Anomalie - Métropole

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