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Healing From Dying (05/22/2020)

Healing is natural. For example, we do not have to think of a cut healing in order for it to do so. As long as we clean it and do not open it up again, it mostly takes care of itself.

However, some injuries, diseases, and discomforts are the result of placing ourselves in danger in some manner. (Whether inadvertently or with full awareness of the consequences, it is still out of ignorance in some form.) How can healing take place in such circumstances if a person blocks it from happening by their own behavior (especially if it is their behavior that is determining the state of their body to begin with)? Alas, an issue may seem like quite the conundrum when we are wrapped up inside of it and with it acting like a filter upon our perceptions.

But we must always keep in mind that our idealized state is one of perfect safety, health, and well-being, despite whatever the evidence of our senses. And further, we are continually expanding the effectiveness of its expression both individually and collectively until it is something permanent rather than temporary. For example, complex problems that were once terminal now have simple solutions, a situation that could potentially mean a catastrophic failure of bodily systems can instead become a literal resurrection from death, and reasons to value life abound when we voluntarily seek them out. So how can we more fully embrace life?

Letting go of a fascination with things like violence and misery is easy when we no longer try to cope with them by clinging to them and accepting them as "normal". I will not coddle destructiveness, but cast it out completely so that it may be wholly transformed in the clear light of wisdom. Evil cannot hide when all things are transparent to wisdom, particularly, a wisdom that transcends the self and reaches into the infinite.

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A Cosmic Gift - Dreams of the Sea

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