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An Invitation From This World Into The Next One (01/26/2021)

If I'm being completely forthright, the entirety of my being rebels against, not other people, but against the structure of much of society as it currently exists. As many of my friends here have very eloquently pointed out [such as No Happy Nonsense and Crimson Earth], a lot of the monetary systems and information technologies throughout the world are being utilized by some to indoctrinate and enslave others towards their own ends. On both an individual and collective level, selfish human desires are running amok, and the Earth is groaning.

While I sincerely wish no one harm, I would not be surprised if Nature itself was to open up a bottomless pit beneath certain government buildings or corporate headquarters in response to the evils orchestrated there. We live inside of a being with its own immunity. Transparency and accountability are becoming absolutely unavoidable. To some it will come as a shock, a violent upheaval to their entire way of life, to others it will come as a sigh of relief, a long-sought freedom finally fulfilled. I pray that we All end up amongst the latter.

I try to live by the philosophy that if I am to complain about a thing, then I must also try to humbly offer a means by which it may be transformed. In addition to empowering you, as an expression of love towards a fellow human being, much of the information on this website is intended to serve that function. However, I cannot claim to know much of anything. Anything good of this endeavour is not from me alone. I do not say this out of a sense of false modesty, but in order to express my thanks and to point out that the potential inside of you is infinite.

The One with whom I serve is beyond every human word and conception, yet All are welcome.

Some music:
Jamiroquai - (Don't) Give Hate A Chance

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