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World Building (01/27/2021)

The new world is being built from the center-out. It begins as thoughts and feelings, which are then translated into actions. We cannot always recognize it about us, but thankfully, a single idea can change our entire perception.

Every perception has an element of truth to it, but only in combination are the underlying archetypes visible. The more we can integrate, the more complete our view. We need each other.

It is reasonable to assume that the thoughts, feelings, and actions of every being make sense to them within the context of their own experience. This is true, even if I am unaware of the motivations behind them, cannot fully understand them, identify with them, or agree with them personally.

It can be challenging when two views seem wholly incompatible on their surface and the cognitive dissonance starts to arise. How hard is it to look into the eyes of an enemy and sincerely say, "I forgive you because I can see myself in you. I can see the animal who fears. But I am no longer that animal, and I truly want you to be free of it too."

The label of "enemy" then falls away, and is replaced with "family". Yes, we are all family. Many have simply forgotten. And in this forgetfulness, it becomes easy to harm each other. What is out of sight becomes out of mind, until we can rationalize anything.

But I need you to remember the essence of all things: A caring that is boundless and a coherence that is faultless

It is only upon this firm foundation that we can build something together that will endure forever.

Some music:
Molly Parden - Bonhoeffer's Prayer [A song based on the Morning Prayer for Fellow Prisoners by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.]

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