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Content Questions

1. Who, what, when, where, how, and why:
Getting the details regarding a situation or a person's reactions

2. Inverting:
Turning the other person's statement into a question

3. "What do you mean...?":
Asking for clarification about the meaning of a particular word or phrase

4. Assumptions:
Asking the other person directly about your own assumptions regarding what he or she means

5. Quantity:
Asking for clarification about words that describe amounts, percentages, or degrees

6. Compare and contrast:
Asking questions about opposites, variations, and exceptions

7. Contradictions:
Asking about any contradictions in what a person has said or done

8. Past, present, and future:
Asking questions related to time factors

9. First, second, and third person:
Asking basically the same question with a focus on different "subjects" (me, you, them) in order to gain perspective from different angles

10. Value, emotion, reason, and behavior ("VERB"):
Asking about what a person believes, feels, thinks, and does

Process Questions

1. Questions about involuntary reactions:
Asking about tone of voice and body language

2. Questions about attitude:
Asking about a specific attitude such as superiority or pessimism

3. Questions about motivation and intention:
Asking about what caused a person to react in a certain way or what the person is seeking to accomplish in the interaction