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Entrap [Vindictive]

Escape Formats w/ A Motive of Entrapment

Format Description
Physical Withdrawal Leaving a setting to entrap the other person into certain reactions, such as feeling angry, helpless, or abandoned
Asking Questions Asking questions while hiding your own opinion or motives, in order to acquire damaging information

The Stare-Down

Format Description
Blaming Your Mood On Another Acting upset, then denying it, so if the other person objects to your denial you can blame the “probing” for your mood
Avoiding Accountability Refusing to answer a question, hoping the person will give up trying or will become more aggressive, and subject to accusations of attacking you
Getting The Upper Hand In Negotiations Maintaining silence during a negotiation in the hopes that the other person will give in to your demands
Creating Psychological Insecurity Using silence to make someone feel insecure and less equal in the relationship
Coercing A Commitment Remaining silent to pressure someone into making a commitment

Withholding Information

Withholding needed information to entrap someone into looking incompetent