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Escape [Passive]

Physical Withdrawal

Format Description
Walking Out Leaving the physical setting in order to avoid conflict or some kind of stressful interaction
Quitting / Moving Quitting a job or moving to a different location to avoid ongoing stressful interactions with someone

Mental or Emotional Withdrawal

Format Description
Attention Withdrawal Withdrawing your attention from someone who is talking to you by such things as daydreaming, looking out the window, or reading
Emotional Withdrawal Emotionally withdrawing - hiding feelings or beliefs about what someone is saying - in order to avoid conflict

Responsive Withdrawal

Format Description
Asking Questions To Avoid Self-Exposure Asking questions as a way to show interest in the other person while avoiding conflict by hiding your own disagreement with their perspective
Using Responsive Listening As A Means of Withdrawal Paraphrasing what another person says in order to appear responsive but actually to avoid giving your own opinion
Offering Encouragement While Hiding Your Opinion Demonstrating concern and emotional support for a person, thereby implying agreement, while hiding your actual disagreement with their perspective