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Sabotage [Passive-Aggressive]

Reneging On A Commitment

Format Description
Maligning Agreeing with or giving in to a person and then gossiping about that person
Martyrdom Following through on what you said you would do, but with an attitude of irritation or feeling burdened and thus not with full commitment
Procrastination Making a commitment but not completing the task in the designated period
Carelessness Carrying out your commitment in a sloppy or neglectful way

Sequential Contradictory Statements

Format Description
Complement-Insult Following a complement with an insulting comment while acting as if you are only saying something positive
Yes-But Briefly agreeing with or supporting someone and then proceeding with disagreement or criticism
Sorry-Not Sorry Following an apology with a remark that takes back the apology (in one of three ways)
1. Sorry-Blame: Saying you are sorry and then implying that the other person really caused the problem
2. Sorry-Denial of Intent: Saying you are sorry, but denying that you intend anything hurtful
3. Sorry-Excuse: Saying you are sorry and then offering a reason for why you did what you did

Attacking Humor

Format Description
Sarcasm Saying something in a joking manner but covertly criticizing through a judgmental tone
Prejudiced Jokes Using humor to convey prejudice toward a group of people, often in the presence of a person who belongs to that group