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BREIS: An Educational Time Capsule

Back in 1998, the company SofSource Inc. (also known as ProOne Software) released a CD-ROM entitled "Best Rated Educational Internet Sites" (or "BREIS" for short). It is essentially a collection of hyperlinks to various educationally-oriented websites. The authors explain it in the following manner:
BREIS is designed to guide students - particularly those in high school - to sites on the Web that will help them complete homework, or research assignments, or help them hone skills in specific curricula areas. All sites were selected, evaluated and reviewed by professional educators who specialize in the focus areas. This was done to ensure that each site is relevant to corresponding high school curricula.
This will be an attempt to recreate the experience of browsing the disk without including any of the copyrighted material. Unfortunately, many of these sites are no longer active, so links will point to an archived version if one is available. If the website still exists, a link to it will be included as well. If neither are available, then it will be crossed out. These links are included for reference.

The purpose of this project is two-fold:

1. As an act of preservation

An archive is useless if you don't know the URL to get there.

2. For historical interest

One can learn much about the development of various subjects by analyzing their history. While some of it might seem dated, some information is also timelessly relevant.

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