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Books from MIR

There is a wonderful old publishing house in Russia named MIR Publishers. I'm not sure if they still exist or not, but at one point in time, they released many interesting books about a wide range of subjects. A saint by the name of Damitr has put a large number of these on Internet Archive. As far as I know, they are legal to download.

Here, I will home in on the English books dealing with scientific and mathematical topics. They range in complexity, from simple introductions for children to college level textbooks. All of the following links are listed alphabetically by the author's last name [and with the name of the book series in brackets wherever applicable]. Specific topics or authors can be found with your browser's "Find" function.

*Note: A handful of these books are in DJVU format. You can get a free reader for this type of file format here, or you can freely convert them to PDF here. However, be warned, some of them can get quite large after conversion!

Afanasiev & Zaikov - In The Realm of Catalysis [Knowledge Series]

Akimushkin - Ethology: Animals Do What and Why [Science for Everyone]

Alekseev - Energy & Entropy

Amelkin - Differential Equations in Applications [Science for Everyone]

Anfilov - Physics & Music

Anselm - Introduction to Semiconductor Theory

Antonov, Vygodsky, Nikitin, and Sankin - Problems in Elementary Mathematics for Home Study

Antropov - Theoretical Electrochemistry

Artsimovich - A Physicists ABC On Plasma

Asratyan & Simonov - How Reliable Is The Brain? [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Baibakov & Martynov - Satellite & Typhoon: Eye to Eye [Science for Everyone]

Baikov & Strongin - Structural Design

Barashkov - Luminescence in Public Health [Science for Everyone]

Belikov - General Methods for Solving Physics Problems [DJVU]

Belyaev - Strength of Materials

Beskin - Dividing A Segement In A Given Ratio [Little Mathematics Library]

Beskin - Fascinating Fractions [Little Mathematics Library]

Beskin - Images of Geometric Solids [Little Mathematics Library]

Bitsadze & Kalinichenko - A Collection of Problems on the Equations of Mathematical Physics

Bitsazde - Equations of Mathematical Physics

Boltyanskii & Gohberg - The Decomposition of Figures into Smaller Parts [Popular Lectures In Mathematics]

Boltyansky - Differentiation Explained [Little Mathematics Library]

Borisov - Can Man Change The Climate?

Borisov & Piatnova - Harnessing the Sun

Borisovich, Bliznyakov, Izrailevich, and Fomenko - Introduction to Topology

Borovik-Romanov - Low Temperature Physics [Advances in Science and Technology in the USSR]

Bukhovtsev, et al. - Problems in Elementary Physics

Bulatov - Plugging Materials and the Cementing of Wells

Buyanov - First Aid

Byalko - Our Planet, The Earth [Science for Everyone]

Danin - Probabilities of the Quantum World

Darkov & Kuznetsov - Structural Mechanics

Demidov - How We See What We See [Science for Everyone]

Demidovich, et al. - Problems in Mathematical Analysis

Derjaguin & Fedoseev - Diamonds Wrought By Man [From Scientists To Schoolchildren]

Dilman - The Grand Biological Clock [Science for Everyone]

Dmitriev - Molecules Without Chemical Bonds

Dmitriev - Symmetry in the World of Molecules

Efimov & Rozendorn - Linear Algebra & Multi-Dimensional Geometry

Efros - Physics and Geometry of Disorder: Percolation Theory [Science for Everyone]

Einstein & The Philosophical Problems of 20th Century Physics [A collection of essays by many different authors.]

Elsgolts - Differential Equations and the Calculus of Variations

Epifanov - Solid State Physics

Erofeev - Progeny of Volcanoes [Science for Everyone]

Ershov & Palyutin - Mathematical Logic

Fedchenko - Things to Come [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Fedorov - Man & Nature

Fersman - Geochemistry for Everyone

Fetisov - Proof in Geometry [Little Mathematics Library]

Fialkov - The Extraordinary Properties of Ordinary Solutions [From Scientists To Schoolchildren]

Filonovich - The Greatest Speed [Science for Everyone]

Flerov & Ilyinov - On the Way to Super Elements [From Scientists To Schoolchildren]

Fock - Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics

Fock - The Theory of Space, Time, and Gravitation

Frish - Problems of Wave Optics

Gelfond - Solving Equations in Integers [Little Mathematics Library]

Ginzburg - Key Problems of Physics & Astrophysics

Gladkova & Kutylovskaya - Selected Questions and Problems in Physics

Glinka - General Chemistry (Volume 1)

Glinka - General Chemistry (Volume 2)

Glinka - Problems in General Chemistry

Glushkov - Engineering Methods for Analysing Strenth and Rigidity

Gnedenko - Theory of Probability

Golovina & Yaglom - Induction in Geometry [Little Mathematics Library]

Gordon & Gordon - The Sky Will Be Blue

Grechko, Sugakov, Tomasevich, and Fedorchenko - Problems in Theoretical Physics

Green & Shokalsky - Semiconductors: Testing & Adjusting

Gribanov - Albert Einstein's Philosophical Views and The Theory of Relativity

Grigoryev & Myakishev - The Forces of Nature

Gurevich & Chernin - The Magic of Galaxies and Stars

Gurskii - Elementary Physics Problems and Solutions

Gusev, Litivinenko, and Mordkovich - Solving Problems in Geometry

Ikramov - Linear Algebra Problems

Irodov - Basic Laws of Electromagnetism

Irodov - Fundamental Laws of Mechanics

Irodov - Problems in Atomic and Nuclear Physics

Irodov - Problems in General Physics

Ivanov - Fundamentals of Physics

Ivchenko, Medvedev, and Chistyakov - Problems in Mathematical Statistics

Kadomtsev - Plasma Physics [Advances in Science and Technology in the USSR]

Kaganov - Electrons, Phonons, Magnons [DJVU]

Kaganov & Lifshits - Quasiparticles

Kaganov & Tsukernik - The Nature of Magnetism [Science for Everyone]

Kaluzhnin - The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic [Little Mathematics Library]

Karapetyants & Drakin - The Structure of Matter

Kartsev - Three Thousand Years of Magnets

Katin - Cells, Cells, and More Cells

Khurgin - Did You Say Mathematics? [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Khurgin - Yes, No, or Maybe [Science for Everyone]

Kikoin - Encounters with Physics and Physicists [Science for Everyone]

Kikoin - Physics In Your Kitchen Lab [Science for Everyone]

Kikoin - Senior Physics 1

Kinasoshvili - Strength of Materials

Kitaigorodsky - I Am A Physicist [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Kitaigorodsky - Introduction to Physics [DJVU]

Klimov - Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors

Klushantsev - All About The Telescope

Knorre - A Visit to Transurania [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Kolesnikov - The Root System of Fruit Plants

Kolesnikov & Glazkov - A Spaceship in Orbit [From Scientists To Schoolchildren]

Kolmogorov & Fomin - Measure, Lebesgue Integrals, and Hilbert Space

Komarov - This Fascinating Astronomy [Science for Everyone]

Kompaneyets - A Course of Theoretical Physics (Volume 1)

Kompaneyets - A Course of Theoretical Physics (Volume 2)

Kompaneyets - Theoretical Physics

Kondratov - Sounds & Signs [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Kondratov - The Riddles of Three Oceans

Kondryatev - The Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Konokov & Kiran - Vegetable Growing in Home Gardens of Tropical and Subtropical Areas

Kopylov - Elementary Kinematics of Elementary Particles [Science for Everyone]

Kopylov - Mathematical Models of Electric Machines

Korovkin - Inequalities [Little Mathematics Library]

Korsunsky - The Atomic Nucleus

Koshkin & Shirkevich - Handbook of Elementary Physics

Krasnov - Aerodynamics (Volume 1)

Krasnov - Aerodynamics (Volume 2)

Krasnov, Kiselev, and Makarenko - Problems and Exercises in Integral Equations

Krasnov, Kiselev, and Makarenko - Vector Analysis

Krestov, Kobenin, and Dobrotin - From Crystal To Solution [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Krotov - Aptitude Test Problems in Physics

Kurosh - Algebraic Equations of Arbitrary Degrees [Little Mathematics Library]

Kutepov & Rubanov - Problems in Geometry

Kuznetsov - Einstein

Kuznetsov & Omerlyanovskii - Philosophical Problems of Elementary Particle Physics

Lakhtin - Engineering Physical Metallurgy

Landau & Kitaigorodsky - Physics for Everyone: Motion Heat

Landau & Kitaigorodsky - Physics for Everyone (Book 1: Physical Bodies)

Landau & Kitaigorodsky - Physics for Everyone (Book 2: Molecules)

Landau & Kitaigorodsky - Physics for Everyone (Book 3: Electrons)

Landau & Kitaigorodsky - Physics for Everyone (Book 4: Photons and Nuclei)

Landau & Rumer - What is The Theory of Relativity?

Landsberg - Elementary Textbook on Physics (Volume 1)

Landsberg - Elementary Textbook on Physics (Volume 2)

Landsberg - Elementary Textbook on Physics (Volume 3)

Lange - Physical Paradoxes & Sophisms

Lange - Physical Problems for Robinsons

Lekhnitskii - Theory of Elasticity of an Anisotropic Body

Leonov - The Sun's Wind

Levin & Radlova - A Picture Book of Astronomy

Levitan - A Book About Stars and Planets

Lidsky, Ovsyannikov, Tuliakov, and Shabunin - Problems in Elementary Mathematics

Lifshits - Quantum Theory of Solids [Advances in Science and Technology in the USSR]

Lipunov - In The World of Binary Stars [Science for Everyone]

Litvinenko & Mordkovich - Solving Problems in Algebra and Trigonometry

Logunov & Mestvirishvili - The Relativistic Theory of Gravitation

Luchnik - Why I'm Like Dad

Lyubich & Shor - The Kinematic Method in Geometrical Problems [Little Mathematics Library]

Malakhov - The Mystery of Earth's Mantle [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Manoilov - Electricity & Man [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Markov - Cybernetics of Living Matter

Markov - Cybernetics Today

Markusha - Miracles on Wheels

Markushevich - Areas & Logarithms [Little Mathematics Library]

Markushevich - Complex Numbers & Conformal Mappings [Little Mathematics Library]

Markushevich - Recursion Sequences [Little Mathematics Library]

Markushevich - Remarkable Curves [Little Mathematics Library]

Maron - Problems in Calculus of One Variable

Maslov - Operational Methods

Maslov & Volosov - Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science Engineering

Matveev - Electricity & Magnetism

Matveev - Mechanics and Theory of Relativity

Matveev - Molecular Physics [DJVU]

Matveev - Optics

Meshchersky - Collection of Problems in Theoretical Mechanics

Mikhailov - Partial Differential Equations

Mikhailov - The Riddle of The Self

Minorsky - Problems in Higher Mathematics

Mishchenko & Fomenko - A Course of Differential Geometry and Topology

Mishchenko, Solovyev, and Fomenko - Problems in Differential Geometry and Topology

Mitroshenkov - Pioneers of Space

Modenov - Problems in Geometry

Muslin - Machines of the 20th Century [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Myasnikov & Osanova - Selected Problems on Physics [DJVU]

Myskis - Introductory Mathematics for Engineers

Nesturkh - The Origin of Man

Nesturkh - The Races of Mankind

Nikolaev - Space Chemistry [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Novikov - A Planet of Riddles [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Novozhilov & Yappa - Electrodynamics

Olgin - Experiments Without Explosions

Ostrovsky - Holography and its Application

Panchishkin & Shavgulidze - Trigonometric Functions

Panovko - Elements of the Applied Theory of Elastic Vibration

Parnov - At the Crossroads of Infinities

Parton & Perlin - Integral Equations in Elasticity

Petrov - Me or Not Me [Science for Everyone]

Petryanov & Trifonov - Elementary Order [From Scientists To Schoolchildren]

Pinsky - Problems in Physics

Piskunov - Differential & Integral Calculus

Podolny - Something Called Nothing

Pogorelov - Analytical Geometry

Pogorelov - Geometry

Polyakov - Semiconductors Made Simple [Science for Everyone]

Prilepko - Problem Book in High-School Mathematics

Proskuryakov - Problems in Linear Algebra [DJVU]

Pushkov & Silkin - The Quiet Sun [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Rabiza - Space Adventures in Your Home

Rakitov - The Principles of Philosophy

Rastrigin - This Chancy, Chancy, Chancy World [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Razmkhnin - Radar Made Easy [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Rebrov & Khozin - The Moon & Man [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Rekach - Manual of the Theory of Elasticity

Rosenfeld & Sergeeva - Stereographic Projection [Little Mathematics Library]

Rydnik - ABCs of Quantum Mechanics

Sagdeev - Nonlinear Phenomena in Plasma Physics and Hydrodynamics [Advances in Science and Technology in the USSR]

Saparina - Cybernetics Within Us [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Savelyev - Fundamentals of Theoretical Physics (Volume 1)

Savelyev - Fundamentals of Theoretical Physics (Volume 2)

Savelyev - Physics: A General Course (Volume 1)

Savelyev - Physics: A General Course (Volume 2)

Savelyev - Physics: A General Course (Volume 3)

Schreider - Equality, Resemblance, and Order

Sedov - Entertaining Electronics

Sena - A Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics

Sena - Units of Physical Quantities and Their Dimensions

Sergeev - Physiology for Everyone [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Sergeev - The World of the Amphibians [From Scientists To Schoolchildren]

Sharygin - Problems in Plane Geometry [Science for Everyone]

Sharygin - Problems in Solid Geometry [Science for Everyone]

Shaskolskaya & Eltsin - Selected Problems in Physics

Shcholkin - Physics of the Microworld [Covers w/ Moscow Star]

Shilov - Calculus of Rational Functions [Little Mathematics Library]

Shilov - Plotting Graphs [Little Mathematics Library]

Shklyarsky, Chentsov, and Yaglom - Selected Problems & Theorems in Elementary Mathematics

Shkolenko - The Space Age

Shulpin - Learning About Chemistry [Science for Everyone]

Shvarts - The Code of Life [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Sidorov, Fedoryuk, and Shabunin - Lectures on the Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable

Smilga - In the Search for Beauty [Covers w/ Black-and-White Drawings]

Smilga - Relativity & Man

Smirnov - Faust Versus Mephistopheles?

Smirnov - Problems on the Equations of Mathematical Physics

Smogorzhevsky - Lobachevskian Geometry [Little Mathematics Library]

Smogorzhevsky - Method of Coordinates [Little Mathematics Library]

Smorodinsky - Temperature [Science for Everyone]

Sobol - The Monte Carlo Method [Little Mathematics Library]

Sobolev - Lasers and Their Properties

Solodovnikov - Systems of Linear Inequalities [Little Mathematics Library]

Solodovnikov & Toropova - Linear Algebra with Elements of Analytic Geometry

Sominskii - The Method of Mathematical Induction

Spiridonov - Universal Physical Constants

Spitsyn, Vorobyova, Dunaeva, Ippolitova, and Tamm - Practical Inorganic Chemistry

Srebrodolsky - Mystery of Mineralogy [Science for Everyone]

Starzhinskii - Applied Methods in the Theory of Nonlinear Oscillations

Steinhaus - The Nine Colors of The Rainbow

Stepnova - Fun With Numbers

Sveshnikov & Tikhonov - The Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable

Tamm - Fundamentals of The Theory of Electricity

Tarasov - Basic Concepts of Quantum Mechanics

Tarasov - Calculus: Basic Concepts for High Schools

Tarasov - Laser Age in Optics

Tarasov - Laser Physics and Applications

Tarasov - Laser Physics

Tarasov - The World is Build on Probability

Tarasov - This Amazingly Symmetrical World

Tarasov & Tarasova - Discussions on Refraction of Light [Science for Everyone]

Tarasov & Tarasova - Questions and Answers in School Physics

Targ - Theoretical Mechanics: A Short Course

Targ - Theoretical Mechanics

Tomilin - How People Discovered the Shape of the Earth

Trifinov - 107 Stories About Chemistry

Trifonov & Trifonov - Chemical Elements

Trifonov & Vlasov - Silhouettes of Chemistry [Science for Everyone]

Tsytovich - Soil Mechanics

Ugarov - Special Theory of Relativity [DJVU]

Umansky - Everyday Neuropathology

Uspensky - Godels Incompleteness Theorem [Little Mathematics Library]

Uspensky - Pascal's Triangle [Popular Lectures In Mathematics]

Uspensky - Post's Machine [Little Mathematics Library]

Varshavsky & Pospelov - Puppets Without Strings [Science for Everyone]

Vasilyev - Metals & Man

Vasilyev & Gutenmacher - Straight Lines & Curves

Vasilyev & Stanyukovich - Matter & Man

Vasyuchenko - Problems and Exercises in Chemistry

Venetsky - On Rare & Scattered Metals

Venetsky - Tales About Metals

Venttsel - Elements of Game Theory [Little Mathematics Library]

Vilenkin - Combinatorial Mathematics [DJVU]

Vilenkin - Method of Successive Approximations [Little Mathematics Library]

Vladimirov - Generalized Functions in Mathematical Physics

Vladimirov, Mitskievich, and Horsky - Space, Time, Gravitation

Voitkevich - Origin and Chemical Evolution of the Earth [Science for Everyone]

Voitkevich - Origin and Development of Life on Earth [Science for Everyone]

Vonsovsky - Magnetism of Elementary Particles

Voronov - Storming the Fortress of Fusion [Science for Everyone]

Vorontsov-Velyaminov - Essays About The Universe

Voyevodin - Linear Algebra

Vygodsky - Mathematical Handbook

Wentzel - Operations Research

Wentzel - Probability Theory

Wolkenstein - Electrons & Crystals [Science for Everyone]

Wolkenstein - Problems in General Physics

Yaglom - An Unusual Algebra [Little Mathematics Library]

Yasamanov - Modern Geology [Science for Everyone]

Yavorsky & Detlaf - A Modern Handbook of Physics

Yavorsky & Pinsky - Fundamentals of Physics (Volume 1)

Yavorsky & Pinsky - Fundamentals of Physics (Volume 2)

Zeldovich & Myskis - Elements of Applied Mathematics

Zeldovich & Yaglom - Higher Mathematics for Beginners

Zelkin - Flying Trains [Science for Everyone]

Zhitomirski & Shervin - Let's Play Geometry

Zhitomirski & Shervin - Maths With Mummy

Zigel - Wonders of the Night Sky

Zubov & Shalnov - Problems in Physics