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Nuclear fission and fusion as employed today for energy production and military uses are killing this planet, and no one in the scientific community has any idea why it's dying or how to save it. The reason for this is simple: they do not understand atomic structure, solar structure, or the complete dynamics of falling bodies. Physics textbooks erroneously declare our sun to be, in effect, a nuclear reactor. It is not. Because the scientific community feels confident that nuclear power is a part of nature they, as a body, have ceased to consider the possibility that perhaps they do not have all of the answers. Due to this arrogance, they are not even looking at nuclear technologies as possible causes of the damage we see occurring to our ionosphere, and if they do not look they will not see. Our planet is very sick and is weakening daily. It has reached a point where earth's own mechanisms can no longer heal the wounds as quickly as they're being inflicted. In other words, we have reached a point of no return in that if nuclear fission and fusion are not abandoned and salvage operations begun immediately, the ionosphere will continue its rapid disintegration until life on earth ceases to exist.

In this paper we will attempt to explain in brief what is happening and why, but most particularly we aim to warn the reader of what the future holds if this insanity is not stopped - and soon. Our empahsis must be on predictions because frankly, the test and results upon which we base our theory break many currently accepted "laws" of physics, and so will be rejected out of hand by many of those who have spent their lives properly memorizing those laws. To prove we are credible and do indeed know what we are talking about we must therefore predict what the scientific community has not predicted and can never explain using current physical law. Only in this way can we impress the reader with the truth of what we say, and gain allies in our efforts to halt these deadly technologies before it's too late. So then, to begin...

During the process of nuclear fission and fusion an atom is forced open and electrons escape. Science and industry assure us that this process is safe, because even though our knowledge of atomic structure is incomplete, any unforseen damaging effects are prevented by the massive steel and concrete containment vessels. They are correct insofar as containing electrons is concerned, but what they have yet to realize is there exists much smaller particles of mass and energy which pass easily through the containment walls, and which strip off particles from the containment vessels themselves as they pass through. This results in an unforseen and rapid decay of the containment structure itself - weakening it greatly within a decade - which in turn allows even larger particles (still smaller than an electron) to escape. Obviously, the problem quickly becomes progressive.

These minute particles released from an atom are negative in respect to planet earth. This means that these particles will be repelled from earth's surface to the outer regions of the ionosphere. Of course these particles are yet more negative in value than solar energy, and are also repelled from the energy emitted from the sun. Because these very negative particles are repelled from solar energy, they move around the earth, staying on the dark side of the planet in order to avoid direct contact with solar energy. These very negative particles tend to "settle in" at any location which remains in darkness for substantial periods of time. For a part of the year this area is at the Southern Polar region (Antarctica). Accumulating at the South Pole, these particles assemble themselves with the normally positve ions of the ionosphere, which results in the production of an extremely negative plasma.

As the South Pole again begins to face toward the sun (Sept. - Oct.) this highly negative plasma is repelled, and now has nowhere to go but to earth. This results in a hole in the ionosphere in the South Pole region. Because of the massive amounts of these very negative particles being released, the hole in the ionosphere will be found to have increased dramatically in size in 1986, possibly as far as the 60° parallel line.

If the phenomena is monitored, it will be noticed that the hole will develop a 24 hour oscillation, and that the oscillation will always be away from the sun's light. This again is due to the fact that these very negative particles, now assembled into a very negative plasma, will be repelled from solar energy.

As the South Pole faces toward the sun, the North Pole lies in darkness. Therefore, the negative, unassembled particles in the upper atmosphere will tend to "settle in" near the North Pole, and will assemble with positive ions there. When once again the North Pole faces the sun, the resulting negative plasma will be forced to the surface of earth. Our calculations indicate that in the early months of 1987, a hole in the ionosphere will be found to have appeared over the North Pole.

Some of the results of this disruption of the ionosphere will have immediate effects. For instance, as great shells of this negative plasma are pushed into existing shells of plasma, very adverse and abnormal weather conditions will be experienced world wide. In areas where the ionosphere is thicker, there will be an over filtering of solar energy, causing a reduction in sunlight available on earth and a subsequent increase in rainfall. In areas where the ionosphere has thinned, expect severe heat waves and drought conditions. Also, iron deposits attract these negative particles of mass and energy, and so areas with large deposits of iron can expect drastic changes in their weather cycles. A less immediate effect of this attraction to iron deposits will be that life forms in these areas will experience genetic changes, and an alarming increase in birth defects will be seen in these areas. Likewise, incidents of cancer and other diseases related to a breakdown in immune system activities will be noted.

As the destruction of the ionosphere continues, more drastic effects will be observed. For example, as these undetected particles of mass and energy are accepted at the poles (and elsewhere) they will undoubtedly result in an increase in the energy exchange of our planet. This will cause an increase in the rotation rate of the earth. At first this increase will be considered a neglegible factor, but the increase will be progressive, and will eventually result in the earth changing it's orbit. The eliptic will increase, and the earth will being it's drift away from the sun.

The increase in energy exchange will also "heat" up the interior of our planet, resulting in great internal pressure. This pressure will be released in the form of great earthquakes and increasingly greater volcanic actions. The end result of these actions will be great continential shifts, and areas lying along existing fault lines will be at great risk. This increase in energy exchange will also cause a warming of the earth's surface, and the polar ice caps will begin to melt. Coastline areas will begin to disappear.

Much more could be said, but this outline of events will give the reader a fair idea of why we say the situation on earth is critical. To date the focus of the anti-nuclear movement has been to eliminate bombs and testing, control of radioactive wastes, etc. Few people have considered that perhaps the splitting of atoms in and of itself is anti-nature. Unless it is stopped and decontamination proceedures initiated, our future is bleak. The problems will not go away by themselves. Humankind has done the damage, and now we must repair it. The technology now exists which will provide the tools, but our group cannot do it alone. We seek allies!