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Educational Eye Candy

A good visualization can go a long way in helping one to understand something. Likewise, computer generated graphics are becoming easier to do. Here is a short list of educational videos / channels about different topics which utilize computer graphics to great effect. The topics are not listed in any particular order.


Mathematics is a subject that lends itself well to visualization in order to make it more digestible. Sometime ago, Caltech released a series of videos called "Project MATHEMATICS!". It covers topics in high-school mathematics (mainly basic Trigonometry) in a way that is, without exaggeration, quite beautiful. Concepts are introduced through a kind of "proof without words" that makes it easier to comprehend what they are talking about.

A documentary called "Dimensions" takes a similar approach, guiding the audience through the mathematical concept of "dimensions". The same team is also responsible for another documentary called "Chaos" that covers "Chaos Theory". As complicated as these subjects might sound, the information is presented in a friendly manner (and both are available in a variety of languages).

The YouTube channel 3blue1brown explains specific mathematical concepts through some slick animation. A couple of other channels use the same software engine for generating the animations within their videos, such as Reducible (which leans more towards Computer Science) and Primer (which covers Evolution and Economics). The channel Normalized Nerd also utilizes it for some videos.


Eugene Khutoryansky covers a variety of physics material, such as Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrical Circuits without sacrificing the related mathematics. However, don't worry, the explanations are very clear and straightforward.


If you like Eugene's videos, but want something geared more towards basic Chemistry, then Sponholtz Productions has got you covered. They have a few videos: The Structure of The Atom, Bonding and Lewis Structures, and Hybridization Theory. The explanations are also very clear and straightforward.

Computer Science & Hardware Engineering

Want to know more about the inner workings of your smartphone or laptop, both how it is made and how it works? Many corporations are quite secretive about the details of these processes, but Branch Education gives some lovely overviews with a level of depth that is hard to find anywhere else.

For more general engineering, there are the appropriately named channels Learn Engineering and The Efficient Engineer. Some smaller channels, like Sourabh Sharma, Chrvoje Engineering, and Jared Owen, also have a few videos like this.


I wish I could find more Biology-related videos, but XVIVO Scientific Animation has some interesting ones.

Well, that is all for now. I will add more links here as I come across them. Enjoy!

...especially if you are a nerd like me. 🤓 Haha!