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Technical Courses from NPTEL

The Indian government sponsors a program called "The National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning" (NPTEL) that posts a ton of technical school courses on their YouTube channel for free. These courses are not listed in any particular order. There is a little bit of overlap in subject matter between categories, but unless noted otherwise, every link is unique. The name of the teacher is also given in parentheses. Specific topics or teachers can be found with your browser's "Find" function.

The main categories are:

"Core Science" [which contains the fundamentals of the other categories?]
Electronics / Electrical Engineering
Computers / Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering / Metallurgy
Chemistry / Chemical Engineering
Biochemistry / Biotechnology

"Core Science"

Mathematics (Prof. S. K. Ray)

Engineering Chemistry I (Prof. K. Mangala Sunder)

Concept & Evolution of Management Thought (Prof. K. B. Akhilesh)

Engineering Mechanics (Prof. Manoj Harbola)

Basic Electronics (Prof T. S. Natarajan)

Biochemistry I (Prof. S. Dasgupta)

Engineering Physics I (Prof. G. D. Verma, Prof. M. K. Srivastava, Prof. B. K. Patra, and Prof. Rajdeep Chatterjee)

Engineering Physics II (Prof. V. Ravishankar)

Numerical Methods and Programming (P. B. Sunil Kumar)

Physics I - Oscillations and Waves (Prof. S. Bharadwaj)

Materials Science (Prof. S. K. Gupta)

Quantum Physics (Prof. V. Balakrishnan)

Classical Physics (Prof. V. Balakrishnan)

Strategic Management (Prof. K. Chakravarti)

Leadership (Prof. Kalyan Chakravarti)

Mathematics II (Prof. Sunita Gakkhar, Prof. H. G. Sharma, and Prof. Tanuja Srivastava)

Human Resource Management I (Prof. Kalyan Chakravarti)

Mathematics III (Prof. P. N. Agarwal)

Management Information System (Prof. Biswajit Mahanty)

Probability and Statistics (Dr. Somesh Kumar)

Numerical Methods and Computation (Prof. S. R. K. Iyengar)

Applied Mechanics (Prof. R. K. Mittal)

Management Science (Prof. Anuradha Sharma)

Quantum Mechanics and Applications (Prof. Ajoy Ghatak)

Electronics / Electrical Engineering

Embedded Systems (Dr. Santanu Chaudhury)

Basic Electrical Technology (Dr. L. Umanand)

Digital VLSI System Design (Prof. S. Srinivasan)

Industrial Drives - Power Electronics (Prof. K. Gopakumar)

Wireless Communication (Dr. Ranjan Bose)

Power System Generation, Transmission, and Distribution (Prof. D. P. Kothari)

Intelligent Systems and Control (Prof. Laxmidhar Behera)

Analog ICs (Prof. K. Radhakrishna Rao)

Control Engineering (Prof. S. D. Agashe)

Power System Analysis (Prof. A. K. Sinha)

Power Electronics (Prof. B. G. Fernandes)

MEMS & Microsystems (Prof. Santiram Kal)

Digital Integrated Circuits (Dr. Amitava Dasgupta)

Industrial Automation and Control (Prof. S. Mukhopadhyay)

Electronics for Analog Signal Processing I (Prof. K. Radhakrishna Rao)

Electronics for Analog Signal Processing II (Prof. K. Radhakrishna Rao)

Digital Communication (Prof. Bikash Kumar Dey)

Probability & Random Variables (Prof. M. Chakraborty)

Networks, Signals, and Systems (Prof. T. K. Basu)

Circuit Theory (Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy)

Power Systems Operations and Control (Prof. S. N. Singh)

Solid State Devices (Prof. S. Karmalkar)

Illumination Engineering (Prof. N. K. Kishore)

Industrial Instrumentation (Prof. Alok Barua)

Energy Resources and Technology (Prof. S. Banerjee)

Digital Systems Design (Prof. D. Roychoudhury)

VLSI Design (Dr. Nandita Dasgupta)

Adaptive Signal Processing (Prof. M. Chakraborty)

Digital Image Processing (Prof. P. K. Biswas)

Digital Voice and Picture Communication (Prof. S. Sengupta)

Networks and Systems (Prof. V. G. K. Murti)

Trasmission Lines and EM Waves (Prof. R. K. Shevgaonkar)

Digital Circuits and Systems (Prof. S. Srinivasan)

Broadband Networks (Prof. Karandikar)

Neural Networks and Applications (Prof. S. Sengupta)

Chaos, Fractals and Dynamical Systems (Prof. S. Banerjee)

Dynamics of Physical System (Prof. Soumitro Banerjee)

Digital Signal Processing (Prof. T. K. Basu)

Estimation of Signals and Systems (Prof. S. Mukhopadhyay)

Digital Signal Processing (Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy)

Digital Computer Organization (Prof. P. K. Biswas)

Electro Magnetic Fields (Prof. Harishankar Ramachandran)

Power System Dynamics (Prof. M. L. Kothari)

Basic Electronics (Dr. Chitralekha Mahanta)

Information Theory and Coding (Prof. S. N. Merchant)

Information Theory and Coding (Prof. S. N. Merchant) Same course as above?

Control Engineering (Prof. Madan Gopal)

Circuits for Analog System Design (Prof. M. K. Gunasekaran)

Error Correcting Codes (Dr. P. Vijay Kumar)

Error Correcting Codes (Dr. P. Vijay Kumar) Same course as above?

High Voltage DC Transmission (Prof. S. N. Singh)

Coding Theory (Dr. Andrew Thangaraj)

Electrical Machines I (Prof. Debaprasad Kastha)

Signals and Systems (Prof. K.S. Venktesh)

Analog IC Design (Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura)

Advanced Control Systems (Prof. Somanath Majhi)

An Introduction to Electronics System Packaging (Prof. G. V. Mahesh)

Advanced 3G & 4G Wireless Mobile Communications (Prof. Aditya K. Jagannatham)

Pulse Width Modulation for Power Electronic Converters (Dr. G. Narayanan)

Switched Mode Power Conversion (Prof. V. Ramanarayanan)

Digital System Design (Prof. S. Srinivasan)

Pattern Recognition (Prof. P. S. Sastry)

Pattern Recognition (Prof. P. S. Sastry) Same course as above?

Signals and Systems (Prof. K. S. Venktesh)

Advanced Optical Communication (Prof. R. K. Shevgaonkar)

Pattern Recognition and Application (Prof. P. K. Biswas)

Advanced Electric Drives (Dr. S. P. Das)

Modelling and Analysis of Electric Machines (Dr. Krishna Vasudevan)

Basic Electrical Circuits (Dr. Nagendra Krishnapura)

Digital System Design with PLDs and FPGAs (Prof. Kuruvilla Varghese)

Digital Switching (Prof. Yatindra N. Singh)

Semiconductor Device Modeling (Prof. S. Karmalkar)

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (Prof. Harish K. Pillai & Prof. Madhu N. Belur)

Power Electronics and Distributed Generation (Dr. Vinod John)

Optimal Control (Prof. G. D. Ray)

Probability Foundation for Electrical Engineers (Dr. Krishna Jagannathan)

Linux Programming & Scripting (Anand Iyer)

ARM Based Development (S. Chandramouleeswaran)

Advanced Logic Synthesis (Dhiraj Taneja)

Power System Dynamics and Control (Prof. A. M. Kulkarni)

Illumination Engineering (Prof. N. K. Kishore)

High Speed Devices & Circuits (Prof. K. N. Bhat)

Communication Engineering (Prof. Surendra Prasad)

RF Integrated Circuits (Dr. Shouribrata Chatterjee)

Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate & Wavelets (Prof. V. M. Gadre)

VLSI Data Conversion Circuits (Dr. Shanthi Pavan)

Embedded Software Testing (Madhukeshwara H. M.)

Analog Circuits (Prof. A. N. Chandorkar)

CMOS Analog VLSI Design (Prof. A. N. Chandorkar)

Fabrication of Silicon VLSI Circuits using MOS (Prof. A. N. Chandorkar)

Advanced VLSI Design (Prof. A. N. Chandorkar, Prof. D. K. Sharma, Prof. Sachin Patkar, and Prof. Virendra Singh)

Analog Circuits and Systems 1 (Prof. K. Radhakrishna Rao)

Nanoelectronics: Devices and Materials (Prof. Navakanta Bhat)

Digital Communication (Prof. Surendra Prasad)

Introduction to Electronic Circuits (Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy)

Analog Electronic Circuits (Prof. S. C. Dutta Roy)

Semiconductor Device Modeling (Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar)

Engineering Electromagnetics (Dr. Sheel Aditya)

Power System Dynamics and Control (Dr. A. M. Kulkarni)

Fundamentals of Electronic Materials and Devices (Prof S. Parasuraman)

Computers / Computer Science

Systems Analysis and Design (Prof. V Rajaraman)

Discrete Mathematical Structures (Prof. Kamala Krithivasan)

Introduction to Problem Solving & Programming (Prof. Deepak Gupta)

Computer Graphics (Dr. Sukhendu Das)

Internet Technologies (Prof. I. Sengupta)

Computer Organization (Prof. S. Raman)

Computer Networks (Prof. S. Ghosh)

Artificial Intelligence (Prof. P. Dasgupta)

Computer Architecture (Prof. Anshul Kumar)

Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Sudeshna Sarkar & Prof. Anupam Basu)

Design & Analysis of Algorithms (Prof. Abhiram Ranade)

Data Communication (Prof. A. Pal)

Data Structures and Algorithms (Dr. Naveen Garg)

Principles of Programming Languages (Dr. S. Arun Kumar)

Database Management System (Prof. D. Janakiram)

Electronic Design and Automation (Prof. I. Sengupta)

Programming and Data Structure (Dr. P. P. Chakraborty)

Real-Time Systems (Dr. Rajib Mall)

Compiler Design (Prof. Y. N. Srikant)

High Performance Computing (Prof. Matthew Jacob)

Theory of Automata, Formal Languages, and Computation (Prof. Kamala Krithivasan)

Low Power VLSI Circuits & Systems (Prof. Ajit Pal)

Graph Theory (Dr. L. Sunil Chandran)

Natural Language Processing (Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya)

Logic for CS (Dr. S. Arun Kumar)

Numerical Optimization (Dr. Shirish K. Shevade)

Design Verification & Test of Digital VLSI Circuits (Prof. Jatindra Kumar Deka & Dr. Santosh Biswas)

Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems (Prof. Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam)

Biometrics (Prof. Phalguni Gupta)

Parallel Computing (Dr. Subodh Kumar)

Cryptography and Network Security (Prof. D. Mukhopadhyay)

Storage Systems (Dr. K. Gopinath)

Computer Algorithms 2 (Prof. Shashank K. Mehta)

Combinatorics (Dr. L. Sunil Chandran)

Computer Networks (Prof. S. Ghosh)

Parallel Algorithm (Prof. Phalguni Gupta)

Pattern Recognition (Prof. C.A. Murthy & Prof. Sukhendu Das)

Theory of Computation (Prof. Somenath Biswas)

Computer Architecture (Dr. Mainak Chaudhuri)

High Performance Computer Architecture (Prof. Ajit Pal)

Compiler Design (Prof. Sanjeev K. Aggarwal)

Artificial Intelligence (Prof. Deepak Khemani)

Artificial Intelligence Search Methods For Problem Solving (Prof. Deepak Khemani) Same course as above?

Internet Technology (Prof. I. Sengupta)

System Analysis and Design (Prof. V. Rajaraman)

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Prof. Abhiram Ranade)

Software Engineering (Prof. N. L. Sarda & Prof. Umesh Bellur)

Principles of Compiler Design (Prof. Y. N. Srikanth)

Virtual Reality (Prof. Steven LaValle)

Riemann Hypothesis and its Applications (Prof. Manindra Agrawal)

Introduction to Computer Graphics (Prof. Prem Kalra)

Computational Geometry (Prof. Sandeep Sen)


Linear Programming & Extensions (Prof. Prabha Sharma)

Advanced Matrix Theory and Linear Algebra for Engineers (Prof. Vittal Rao)

Mathematical Logic (Prof. Arindama Singh)

Calculus of Variations and Integral Equations (Prof. D. Bahuguna & Dr. Malay Banerjee)

Convex Optimization (Prof. Joydeep Dutta)

A Basic Course in Real Analysis (Prof. P. D. Srivastava)

Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Prof. P. D. Srivastava, Dr. P. Panigrahi, Prof. Somesh Kumar, and Prof. J. Kumar)

Applied Multivariate Analysis (Dr. Amit Mitra)

Statistical Inference (Prof. Somesh Kumar)

Stochastic Processes (Dr. S. Dharmaraja)

Numerical Methods of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations (Prof. Dr. G. P. Raja Sekhar)

Complex Analysis (Prof. P. A. S. Sree Krishna)

An Introduction to Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves (Dr. T. E. Venkata Balaji)

Probability and Statistics (Dr. Somesh Kumar)

Mathematics in India (Prof. M. D. Srinivas, Prof. M. S. Sriram, and Prof. K. Ramasubramanian)

Foundations of Optimization (Dr. Joydeep Dutta)

Optimization (Prof. A. Goswami & Dr. Debjani Chakraborty)

Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications (A. K. Nandakumaran, P. S. Datti, and Raju K. George)

Probability Theory and Applications (Prof. Prabha Sharma)

Topology (Prof. P. Veeramani)

Elementary Numerical Analysis (Prof. Rekha P. Kulkarni)

Formal Languages and Automata Theory (Dr. Diganta Goswami & Dr. K. V. Krishna)

Linear Algebra (Dr. K. C. Sivakumar)

Measure and Integration (Prof. Inder K Rana)

Regression Analysis (Dr. Soumen Maity)

Discrete Mathematics (Dr. Tanuja Srivastava, Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay, and Dr. Aditi Gangopadhyay)

Statistical Methods for Scientists and Engineers (Prof. Somesh Kumar)

Advanced Complex Analysis Part I (Dr. T. E. Venkata Balaji)

Real Analysis (Prof. S. H. Kulkarni)

Dynamic Data Assimilation (Prof S. Lakshmivarahan)

Advanced Complex Analysis Part II (Dr. T. E. Venkata Balaji)

Basic Algebraic Geometry (Dr. T. E. Venkata Balaji)

Mathematics I (Prof S. K. Ray)

Mechanical Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Prof. M. Ramgopal)

Mechanical Measurements and Metrology (Prof S. P. Venkateshan)

Kinematics of Machines (Prof. Asok Kumar Mallik)

Finite Element Method (Prof. C.S. Uppadhay)

Advanced Strength of Materials (Prof. S. K. Maiti)

Project and Production Management (Prof. Arun Kanda)

Principles of Mechanical Measurements (Prof. R. Raman)

Design of Machine Elements (Prof. B. Maiti & Prof. G. Chakraborty)

Robotics (Prof. C. Amarnath, Prof. B. Seth, Prof. K. Kurien Issac, Prof. P. S. Gandhi, and Prof. P. Seshu)

Manufacturing Processes II (Prof. A. B. Chattopadhyay, Prof. A. K. Chattopadhyay, and Prof. S. Paul)

Heat and Mass Transfer (Prof. S. P. Sukhatme and Prof. U. N. Gaitonde)

Manufacturing Processes I (Prof. Inderdeep Singh, Prof. D. K. Dwivedi, and Prof. Pradeep Kumar)

Fundamentals of Operations Research (Prof. G. Srinivasan)

Industrial Engineering (Prof. Pradeep Kumar, Prof. H. S. Shan, and Prof. P. K. Jain)

Strength of Materials (Dr. S. P. Harsha)

Advanced Finite Element Analysis (Prof. R. Krishna Kumar)

Basic Thermodynamics (Prof. S. K. Som)

Advanced Materials and Processes (Prof. B. S. Murty)

Conduction and Radiation (Prof. C. Balaji)

Experimental Stress Analysis (Prof. K. Ramesh)

Engineering Mechanics (Dr. G. Saravana Kumar & Prof. U. S. Dixit)

Computer Aided Design (Dr. Anoop Chawla & P. V. Madhusudan Rao)

Advanced Operations Research (Prof. G. Srinivasan)

Design and Optimization of Energy Systems (Prof. C. Balaji)

Engineering Fracture Mechanics (Prof. K. Ramesh)

Biomicroelectromechanical Systems (Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya)

Advanced Gas Dynamics (Dr. Rinku Mukherjee)

Advanced Machining Processes (Prof. Vijay K. Jain)

Computer Aided Engineering Design (Prof. Anupam Saxena)

Rocket Propulsion (Prof. K. Ramamurthi)

Tribology (Dr. Harish Hirani)

Processing of Non-Metals (Dr. Inderdeep Singh)

Vibration of Structures (Prof. A. Dasgupta)

Microfluidics (Dr. Ashis Kumar Sen)

Solar Energy Technology (Prof. V. V. Satyamurty)

Dynamics of Machines (Prof. Amitabha Ghosh)

Micro and Smart Systems (Prof. K. N. Bhat, Prof. G. K. Anathasuresh, Prof. S. Gopalakrishnan, and Dr. K. J. Vinoy)

Introduction to Finite Element Method (Dr. R. Krishnakumar)

Theory & Practice of Rotor Dynamics (Prof. Rajiv Tiwari)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (Dr. K. M. Singh)

Vibration Control (Dr. S. P. Harsha)

Nonlinear Vibration (Prof. S. K. Dwivedy)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (Dr. Suman Chakraborty)

Gas Dynamics and Propulsion (Prof. V. Babu)

Welding Engineering (Dr. D. K. Dwivedi)

Engineering Drawing (Dr. Anupam Saxena)

Advanced Manufacturing Process for Micro System Fabrication (Dr. Shantanu Bhattacharya)

Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science (Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta)

Introduction to Atmospheric Science (Prof. C. Balaji)

Cryogenic Engineering (Prof. M. D. Atrey)

Spray Theory and Applications (Prof. Mahesh Panchagnula)

Convective Heat and Mass Transfer (Prof. A. W. Date)

Microfluidics (Prof. S. Chakraborty)

Technology of Surface Coating (Prof. A. K. Chattopadhyay)

Advanced Manufacturing Processes (Dr. A. K. Sharma)

Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow (Prof. S. K. Som)

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering (Prof. S. Chakraborty)

An Introduction to Explosions and Explosion Safety (Prof. K. Ramamurthi)

Acoustics (Prof. Nachiketa Tiwari)

Machinery Fault Diagnosis & Signal Processing (Prof. A. R. Mohanty)

Fundamentals of Industrial Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics (Prof. R. N. Maiti)

Mechanical Vibrations (Prof. S. K. Dwivedy & Prof. Rajiv Tiwari)

Convective Heat Transfer (Dr. Arvind Pattamatta & Prof. Ajit K. Kolar)

Metal Casting (Dr. D. B. Karunakar)

Metrology (Dr. Kanakuppi Sadashivappa)

Fracture Mechanics (Prof. K. Ramesh)

Metallurgical Engineering / Metallurgy

Physics of Materials (Dr. Prathap Haridoss)

Materials and Energy Balance (Prof. S. C. Koria)

Fuels Refractory and Furnaces (Prof. S. C. Koria)

Introduction to Biomaterials (Prof. Bikramjit Basu & Prof. Kantesh Balani)

Non-Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy (Prof. H. S. Ray)

Advanced Metallurgical Thermodynamics (Prof. B. S. Murty)

Electrocermaics (Dr. Ashish Garg)

Principles of Physical Metallurgy (Prof. R. N. Ghosh)

Advanced Cermaics for Strategic Applications (Prof. H. S. Maiti)

Processing of Semiconducting Materials (Dr. Pallab Banerji)

Science and Technology of Polymers (Prof. B. Adhikari)

Environmental Degradation of Materials (Dr. Kallol Mondal)

Structure of Materials (Prof. Sandeep Sangal & Dr. Anandh Subramaniam)

Electronic Materials, Devices, and Fabrication (Prof S. Parasuraman)

Steel Making (Prof. Deepak Mazumdar & Prof. S. C. Koria)

Optoelectronic Materials and Devices (Prof. Monica Katiyar & Prof. Deepak Gupta)

Advanced Characterization Techniques (Dr. Krishanu Biswas & Prof. N. P. Gurao)

Materials Characterization (Dr. S. Sankaran)

Fundamentals of X-Ray Diffraction and Transmission Electron Microscopy (Dr. S. Sankaran)

Chemistry / Chemical Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering (Prof. Jayant Modak)

Biochemical Engineering (Dr. Rintu Banerjee & Dr. Saikat Chakraborty)

Fundamentals of Transport Processes (Prof. V. Kumaran)

Novel Separation Processes (Dr. Sirshendu De)

Modern Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Dr. J.R. Mudakavi)

Computational Fluid Dynamics (Prof. Sreenivas Jayanti)

Particle Characterization (Dr. R. Nagarajan)

Microscale Transport Processes (Dr. Sunando Das Gupta & Dr. Somenath Ganguly)

Multiphase Flow (Dr. P. K. Das)

Process Control & Instrumentation (Prof. A. K. Jana & Prof. D. Sarkar)

Computational Techniques (Dr. Niket Kaisare)

Advanced Analytical Course (Prof. Padma Vankar)

Rate Processes (Prof. M. Halder)

Fluid Mechanics (Dr. V. Shankar)

Instability & Patterning of Thin Polymer Films (Dr. R. Mukherjee)

Mass Transfer II (Prof. Nishith Verma)

Microscale Transport Processes (Prof. S. Dasgupta & Dr. Somnath Ganguly)

Multiphase Flow (Prof. Gargi Das & Prof. P. K. Das)

Heterocyclic Chemistry (Prof. D. R. Mal)

Organic Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions (Dr. N.D. Pradeep Singh)

Mass Transfer Operations I (Dr. B. Mandal)

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Catalytic Processes (Dr. K. K. Pant)

Introductory Quantum Chemistry (Prof. K. L. Sebastian)

Bio Inorganic Chemistry (Prof. D. Ray)

Coordination Chemistry - Chemistry of Transition Elements (Prof. D. Ray)

Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes (Dr. Nitin Kaistha)

Fundamentals of Transport Processes II (Prof. V. Kumaran)

Chemical Technology I (Dr. I. D. Mall)

Process Integration (Dr. B. Mohanty)

Process Design Decisions and Project Economics (Dr. Vijay S. Moholkar)

Mathematics for Chemistry (Dr. Madhav Ranganathan & Dr. P. P. Thankachan)

Chemical Reaction Engineering II (Prof. A. K. Suresh, Prof. Sanjay M. Mahajani, and Prof. Ganesh A. Viswanathan)

Polymer Chemistry (Dr. D. Dhara)

Advanced Numerical Analysis (Prof. Sachin C. Patwardhan)

Advanced Process Control (Prof. Sachin C. Patwardhan)

Multiphase Flows: Analytical Solutions & Stability Analysis (Prof. S. Pushpavanam)

Chemistry of Materials (Prof. S. Sundar Manoharan)

Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering (Prof. H. S. Shankar)

Principles and Applications of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (Prof. Ranjan Das)

Introduction to Organometallic Chemistry (Prof. A. G. Samuelson)

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (Prof. M. S. Ananth)

Statistics for Experimentalists (Dr. A. Kannan)

Introduction to Quantum Chemistry (Prof. K. Mangala Sunder)

Chemical Engineering Principles of CVD Processes (Dr. R. Nagarajan)

Chemical Reaction Engineering 2: Heterogeneous Reactors (Prof K. Krishnaiah)

Chemical Reaction Engineering 1: Homogeneous Reactors (Prof K. Krishnaiah)

Interfacial Engineering (Prof. Ashok N. Bhaskarwar)

Biophysical Chemistry (Dr. Pramit Chowdhury)

Biochemistry / Biotechnology

Enzyme Science and Engineering (Prof. Subhash Chand)

Eukaryotic Gene Expression (Prof. P. N. Rangarajan)

Essentials in Immunology (Dr. R. Manjunath, Dr. Dipankar Nandi, and Prof. Anjali Karande)

Thermodynamics (Prof. G. K. Suraishkumar)

Proteomics: Principles and Techniques (Prof. Sanjeeva Srivastava)

Analytical Technologies in Biotechnology (Dr. Ashwani K. Sharma)

Downstream Processing (Prof. Mukesh Doble)

Animal Physiology (Prof. Mainak Das)

Bioelectricity (Prof. Mainak Das)

Biomathematics (Dr. Ranjith Padinhateeri)


Nano Structured Materials (Prof. A. K. Ganguli)

Nanostructures & Nanomaterials (Dr. Kantesh Balani & Dr. Anandh Subramaniam)

Economics, Management, Entrepreneurship (Prof. P. K. J. Mohapatra)

[In Progress...]