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Python Books & Courses

All of these are free and legal!

Books (Alphabetical By Author)

Downey, Allen B. Modeling and Simulation in Python. Version 3.4.3, Green Tea Press, 2017.

Downey, Allen B. Think Bayes. Version 1.0.9, Green Tea Press, 2012.

Downey, Allen B. Think Complexity. Version 2.6.3, Green Tea Press, 2016.

Downey, Allen B. Think DSP. Version 1.1.1, Green Tea Press, 2014.

Downey, Allen B. Think Python. Version 2.4.0, Green Tea Press, 2015.

Downey, Allen B. Think Stats. Version 2.1.0, Green Tea Press, 2014.

Sweigart, Al. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. 2nd ed., No Starch Press, 2020.

Sweigart, Al. Cracking Codes with Python. No Starch Press, 2018.

Sweigart, Al. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python. 4th ed., No Starch Press, 2017.

Video Courses

Socratica - Introduction To Python

[In Progress...]