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Python Books & Courses

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Books (Alphabetical By Author)

Bader, Dan. Python Tricks. RealPython, 2020.

Bell, Ana. Get Programming: Learn to Code with Python. Manning Publications, 2018.

Briggs, Anthony. Hello! Python. Manning Publications, 2012.

Briggs, Jason R. Python for Kids. No Starch Press, 2013.

Danjou, Julien. Serious Python. No Starch Press, 2019.

Downey, Allen B. Modeling and Simulation in Python. Version 3.4.3, Green Tea Press, 2017. -$

Downey, Allen B. Think Bayes. Version 1.0.9, Green Tea Press, 2012. -$

Downey, Allen B. Think Complexity. Version 2.6.3, Green Tea Press, 2016. -$

Downey, Allen B. Think DSP. Version 1.1.1, Green Tea Press, 2014. -$

Downey, Allen B. Think Python. Version 2.4.0, Green Tea Press, 2015. -$

Downey, Allen B. Think Stats. Version 2.1.0, Green Tea Press, 2014. -$

Farrell, Peter. Math Adventures with Python. No Starch Press, 2019.

Harrison, Matt. Intermediate Python Programming. 2nd ed.,, 2020.

Matthes, Eric. Python Crash Course. 2nd ed., No Starch Press, 2019.

Matthes, Eric. Python Flash Cards. No Starch Press, 2019.

McManus, Sean. Mission Python. No Starch Press, 2018.

Payne, Bryson. Teach Your Kids to Code. No Starch Press, 2015.

Saha, Amit. Doing Math with Python. No Starch Press, 2015.

Seitz, Justin. Black Hat Python. No Starch Press, 2015.

Seitz, Justin. Gray Hat Python. No Starch Press, 2009.

Shaw, Anthony. CPython Internals. RealPython, 2020.

Sweigart, Al. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. 2nd ed., No Starch Press, 2020. -$

Sweigart, Al. Cracking Codes with Python. No Starch Press, 2018. -$

Sweigart, Al. Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python. 4th ed., No Starch Press, 2017. -$

Vasiliev, Yuli. Natural Language Processing with Python and spaCy. No Starch Press, 2020.

Vaughan, Lee. Impractical Python Projects. No Starch Press, 2019.

Venkitachalam, Mahesh. Python Playground. No Starch Press, 2016.

Video Courses (In No Particular Order)

YouTube - Socratica [List] -$

YouTube - Tech With Tim [List] -$

YouTube - freeCodeCamp [List] -$

Zenva Academy:
• Learn Python Programming by Making a Game
• Numpy Matrices and Vectors
• Data Manipulation with Pandas
• Reading Data from APIs with Python
• Machine Learning for Beginners with TensorFlow
• Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification

By Al Sweigart
• Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming

By Fred Baptiste
• Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 1 - Functional)
• Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 2 - Iteration, Generators)
• Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 - Hash Maps)
• Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 4 - OOP)

• Cool New Features in Python 3.8
• How to Publish Your Own Python Package to PyPl
• Traditional Face Detection With Python
• Functional Programming in Python
• Python Coding Interviews: Tips & Best Practices
• Get Started With Django: Build a Portfolio App
• Python Tricks Digital Toolkit
• Managing Python Dependencies

• Python for absolute beginners
• Building data-driven web apps with Flask and SQLAlchemy
• Adding a CMS to Your Flask Web App

Matt Harrison:
• Effective Pandas - Basic
• Python for Data Scientists - Basic

Manning Publications liveVideo:
• Ana Bell - Get Programming with Python in Motion
• Nicholas Chase - Machine Learning for Mere Mortals
• Beau Carnes - Grokking Deep Learning in Motion

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