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I have copied your clever way of doing footnotes. Many resources are linked throughout. Please do not feel obligated to look at any of them though.

Reponse (2/1/2021):

Community gardens are what came to mind immediately as well. One of the things that I have been attempting to meditate on is a system that integrates a community garden with a type of recycling program. It was originally envisioned for a smaller city that is a little more rural in structure, but some of it can be adapated to a more urban setting.

There are certain benefits to an urban environment, such as the high volume of "trash" like aluminum cans, plastic cartons, glass bottles, and so on. Scrap aluminum is infinitely more valuable than what one would be paid to sell it off. With a little bit of creativity and technical know-how, it can be made into many useful tools for machining. The same is true of plastic and glass as well. The initial resources that are necessary to start doing these things can be few, and so long as we use proper safety precautions, they are not overly dangerous to do. It is more an issue of finding a safe place to do them (e.g.: an abandoned building, an empty lot, etc.), and having a small place to store the materials.

The North Philly Peace Park is a beautiful example. I like how the local community came together to clean up the area first. [1] A similar approach can be used with the above system, except that the trash that is collected would also be separated in order to be used within the processes described in the links above.

This creates several options that can be done in tandem, depending upon the needs and resources of that community:

1. The equipment that is needed to take care of the garden can be made directly. The less dependent upon borrowed resources we are, the better.

2. The skill of making and operating the machines is a useful technical trade. This can open up educational opportunities for others within a community that might not otherwise have them. It is also a giant step towards independent production of more complex tools. The material is there. All that it requires is a small few who are willing to teach themselves and then carefully share it with others.

3. Once turned into something useable, that scrap aluminum, plastic, and glass is worth a lot more. If necessary, it can be sold to acquire the money needed for land or other tools.

In general, I think the key is to become as self-sufficient as possible in both the long-term and short-term. A community garden and a recycling program seems like a promising combination to reach that aim, at least partially.

The issue of harassment by p0lice seems a little trickier to resolve, especially if you live in an area with a particular history, and when who is doing what is not obvious. [2] In these cases, perhaps it would be best to use good record-keeping and media contacts as leverage. If being stalked or intimidated, even when you and everyone around you is following the law, keep a careful record of it and make sure that as many people as possible know about it. Likewise, keep tabs on what goes on within any social program that you might be a part of. If you are transparent with the surrounding community, it is harder for others to lie about what you are doing or for the group itself to be infiltrated by people who want to undermine it.

Of course, these are just some ideas and opinions. My experience is limited and I cannot claim to know much of anything, but I sincerely hope that they can be of help to you in some way. I will give the subject more thought in the coming weeks. Thank you for all that you have shared.


[1] As an aside, it is interesting to note that this is probably what prevented further interference by p0lice and the local g0vernment to some extent: Those near the location were able to inform others as to what was happening before more damage occurred, and since the community was involved, they knew it was a cause that they could get behind. People often forget that organizations of any type (whether a business, a political party, a social movement, etc.) are usually composed of individuals who are united by a common cause. The less integrated on an ideological level that those people are, the less likely that they can function as a unit. Even when a system is corrupted and a hidden portion of it attain their ends through lying and manipulation, the semblance of order is usually maintained until enough power is centralized and keeping up the facade no longer matters. Whatever their current state, it would reflect poorly on both the p0lice and the local g0vernment if they destroyed a program that everyone benefitted from and was aware of it. The inverse is true as well. The people involved in totalitarian regimes often come bearing "gifts" in order to entice an unsuspecting public into a false sense of security. The difference between what they have to offer and someone who sincerely wants to help is that the former wants to make you dependent in the process, while the latter wants you to become self-empowered. The general populace probably outnumbers them greatly. The only way for a few to take control of many is to gradually and unwittingly get them to love their servitude, to surprise them when they least expect it. Some only resort to outright violence when they know that they have nothing to lose or can overpower another. Therefore, communication and education are always primary. Communication creates cohesion and education creates growth when there is clarity of intention and a constructive purpose behind them.

[2] In areas that are more diverse in race and with less variation in availability of resources, this seems to be less of a problem. In general, there are a lot of connections here to many of the topics that we talked about previously, such as their link to international events through the @lph@bet organizations, the role of the media and social programs in carrying out some of it, and so on...I probably sound like a conspiracy theorist. You are most likely thoroughly familiar with much of this already though. It is somewhat of a depressing rabbit hole, but I am always happy to explore it together if you are interested in brainstorming ways to resolve it. Despite all of the darkness, I am hopeful. Truth and Love will always find their way.