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Original Letter

The hyperlinks serve more as examples of what I am talking about. Again, please do not feel obligated to look at or read any of them. You have probably seen a lot of them already anyway.

Reponse (2/4/2021):

Eloquently expressed! I agree wholeheartedly. You have carefully cultivated a very constructive point of view.

My purpose in wording it in that manner was not because I find it depressing per se, but as an acknowledgment that there are subjects that some may, understandably, find uncomfortable to talk about. The levels of destructiveness that human behavior can reach is sometimes hard to be a witness to, and harder still to acknowledge within oneself and do something about.

Indeed, there is a lot of redundancy throughout human history. When I was younger, there were only so many connections between people and events, or between organizations, that I could explore before there were diminishing returns in whatever it was that I had hoped to learn through the process. I was guided to change my focus.

Through that shift I was told what to look out for, where it comes from, and how we might take steps towards resolving it within ourselves. All have a part in it, no matter the details that lie upon the surface.

Therefore, the purpose of everything here is to help heal, inform, or inspire everyone in whatever ways that we can. The aim of our websites seems to be the same in that regard, education and communication.

Two conclusions became apparent after so many years of sharing:

1. I was told to humbly and freely share as much of the constructiveness that has been given to me as I could, whatever the circumstances. And to continue to do so, even in death. I cannot force others to do anything, nor do I desire to. I trust that those who are sincerely interested in working together on it will reach out whenever they come across it.

2. Changes of mind and heart are more primary than any amount of planning or technology, because it is our thoughts and feelings which guide the development and use of all technology and are the motivations for enacting all plans.

However, there are still some specific, tangible goals that I am working towards. For example, the community garden + recycling program is a single aspect of a more general outline. Some other aspects of that outline are also covered here, such as the scientific foundations for how we might produce "infinite energy". There is a lot more research to be shared and projects to be done, but I steadily chip away at it all as time and resources allow.

As for the letters, I am fine with either option. They are intended for you. If you would like any of them deleted, then please let me know and I will take them down.

And thank you so much for the songs! They are both moving and informative. 💜