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"The Four Chords" (I → V → vi → IV)

This Chord Progression is absolutely ubiquitous throughout Pop and Punk, so it is also sometimes referred to as "The Pop-Punk Progression".

Key of C Major:
C [C-E-G] → G [G-B-D] → Am [A-C-E] → F [F-A-C]

Key of G Major:
G [G-B-D] → D [D-F♯-A] → Em [E-G-B] → C [C-E-G]

Key of D Major:
D [D-F♯-A] → A [A-C♯-E] → Bm [B-D-F♯] → G [G-B-D]

Key of A Major:
A [A-C♯-E] → E [E-G♯-B] → F♯m [F♯-A-C♯] → D [D-F♯-A]

Key of E Major:
E [E-G♯-B] → B [B-D♯-F♯] → C♯m [C♯-E-G♯] → A [A-C♯-E]

Key of B Major:
B [B-D♯-F♯] → F♯ [F♯-A♯-C♯] → G♯m [G♯-B-D♯] → E [E-G♯-B]

Key of F♯ Major:
F♯ [F♯-A♯-C♯] → C♯ [C♯-E♯-G♯] → D♯m [D♯-F♯-A♯] → B [B-D♯-F♯]

Key of C♯ Major:
C♯ [C♯-E♯-G♯] → G♯ [G♯-B♯-D♯] → A♯m [A♯-C♯-E♯] → F♯ [F♯-A♯-C♯]

Key of F Major:
F [F-A-C] → C [C-E-G] → Dm [D-F-A] → B♭ [B♭-D-F]

Key of B♭ Major:
B♭ [B♭-D-F] → F [F-A-C] → Gm [G-B♭-D] → E♭ [E♭-G-B♭]

Key of E♭ Major:
E♭ [E♭-G-B♭] → B♭ [B♭-D-F] → Cm [C-E♭-G] → A♭ [A♭-C-E♭]

Key of A♭ Major:
A♭ [A♭-C-E♭] → E♭ [E♭-G-B♭] → Fm [F-A♭-C] → D♭ [D♭-F-A♭]

Key of D♭ Major:
D♭ [D♭-F-A♭] → A♭ [A♭-C-E♭] → B♭m [B♭-D♭-F] → G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭]

Key of G♭ Major:
G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭] → D♭ [D♭-F-A♭] → E♭m [E♭-G♭-B♭] → C♭ [C♭-E♭-G♭]

Key of C♭ Major:
C♭ [C♭-E♭-G♭] → G♭ [G♭-B♭-D♭] → A♭m [A♭-C♭-E♭] → F♭ [F♭-A♭-C♭]