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Approaches In Classical & Jazz

All of the following are some generalizations; they are not always true!

"Classical" Approach:

• Chord Tone Melodies
• Functional Progressons

"Harmonizing" a Scale = applying a set of Intervals to a Scale to derive Chords that will work with it

"Jazz" Approach:

• Modal Melodies
• Sequential Progressions / Line Clichés

Finding a "Chord-Scale" = applying a set of Intervals to a Chord to derive Scales that will work with it

Rhythmically, the "Classical" and "Jazz" concepts are often inverted as well. For example (assuming 4/4 time), Beats 1 and 3 (the "Upbeat") are emphasized in "Classical", while Beats 2 and 4 (the "Downbeat") are emphasized in "Jazz".

Other Tendencies:

"Classical": Roman Numerals for Chords, Staff Notation, emphasis on Sight-Reading and Performance

"Jazz": Arabic Numerals for Chords, Lead Sheets w/ Chord Symbols, emphasis on Ear Playing and Improvisation