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[Hey, if you're seeing this, you're early! This is just an outline of an article that will go live in the future.]

Not What It Seems

*Lobbying for nuclear

The terms "eco-", "green", "sustainable", and other words are sometimes degraded into meaningless buzzwords. "Greenwashing"

While "hydroelectric plants" (devices for creating water-power), "wind turbines" (devices for creating wind-power), and "photovoltaic cells" (devices for creating solar-power) seem "green", we must be very cautious in determining whether or not this is actually the case. For example, dams can be harmful to rivers and streams, wind turbines kill migrating birds by sitting within their flight path, and solar panels are often created through energy-intensive processes with toxic chemicals that are difficult to recycle.

Engineering Aspects

There seems to be two main assumptions when it comes to energy:

1. That something must be used up (e.g.: fuel)

2. That one can only, at best, break even

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*Syntropy and self-sustaining systems