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Language Learning Links - Japanese

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Writing Japanese

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10ten Reader Popup Dictionary


Tad Perry - The Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese
Hitomi Hirayama - PeraPera Penguin
Mangajin Magazine [Archive]

General Websites

Erin's Challenge
Comments: A wonderful free course put together by The Japan Foundation; a lot of videos, comics, etc.

Comments: A lot of resources; some of my favorties are the onomatopoeia dictionary and the guide to bowing

Kanji Damage
Comments: A way of learning Chinese Characters as they are used within Japanese; a lot of the jokes are crude, but the usage notes are incredibly useful

Japanese Verb Conjugator
Comments: Pop in the dictionary form of a verb and see some ways you can change it

Several websites on Neocities, like Nostalgic and Itazura Neko, have a ton of great resources for learning Japanese. For explanations of grammar specifically, check out Visualizing Japanese Grammar, Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese, and IMABI.

YouTube Channels

Japanese Ammo with Misa
KemushiChan ロレッタ
Learn Japanese From Zero! [Accompanying Website]
Miku Real Japanese
Nobita from Japan
Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly [Accompanying Website]
That Japanese Man Yuta
とある男が授業をしてみた Grammar Playlist