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Language Learning Links - Japanese

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Writing Japanese

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Rikaichamp Popup Dictionary


Tad Perry - The Quick and Dirty Guide to Japanese
Hitomi Hirayama - PeraPera Penguin
Mangajin Magazine

General Websites

Erin's Challenge
Comments: A wonderful free course put together by The Japan Foundation; a lot of videos, comics, etc.

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese
Comments: Lucid explanations of grammar

Visualizing Japanese Grammar
Comments: More lucid explanations of grammar

Comments: A lot of resources; some of my favorties are the onomatopoeia dictionary and the guide to bowing

Kanji Damage
Comments: A way of learning Chinese Characters as they are used within Japanese; a lot of the jokes are crude, but the usage notes are incredibly useful

Japanese Verb Conjugator

[In Progress...]