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Language Learning Links - Mandarin Chinese

Browser Addons

Perapera Chinese Popup Dictionary [There are equivalent addons for other browsers.]

General Websites

Carl Gene Fordham
Comments: Lots of useful wordlists

AllSet Learning - Chinese Grammar Wiki
Comments: A (very readable) encyclopedia of grammar points, from the most basic to advanced

Arch Chinese
Comments: An amazing dictionary; all of the other features require a paid account though

Mandarin Corner
Comments: Tons of learning material (especially in video format); while most of it is free, the $10 donation is worth it

MandarinSpot Chinese Text Annotation
Comments: Pop in a block of text and it will add word breaks and definitions; it can even split it up into a vocabulary list by HSK level

Comments: A few tools for manipulating text, some language lessons, etc.

Comments: This is the Chinese equivalent of Google

Comments: This place is awesome. Type in a song or artist and it will allow you to listen to some of their songs as it scrolls through the lyrics.

YouTube Channels (In no particular order)

Little Fox Chinese - Stories & Songs for Learners
Learn Chinese with Yi Zhao
Harbin Mandarin
Grace Mandarin Chinese
Fluent In Mandarin
Everday Chinese
Chinese Handwriting
SMART Mandarin - Katrina Lee
Xue Bai

Television and Music

YoYo English Channel
优优独播剧场——YoYo Television Series Exclusive
Chinese Featured TV Serials
China Zone - English
China Zone 剧乐部
Mainland China CPOP MV
Mainland China CPOP MV 2

Specific Shows

巴啦啦小魔仙 Balala The Fairies
铠甲勇士 Armor Hero
熊出没 Boonie Bears
家有儿女 Home With Kids

The Chinese equivalent of YouTube is YouKu. However, most things will NOT play if you are outside of China!

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