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Regenerating Nature

[Hey, if you're seeing this, you're early! This is just an outline of an article that will go live in the future.]

Part 1: Water

Water is so ubiquitous that we might take it for granted, but it truly is a miracle substance.

A large portion of our bodies are comprised of water. But this is no "ordinary" water! It has a particular structure that may play a vital role in biological functions.

Water outside of the body also has intriguing properties. One feature of water that is quite unique is that it expands when it cools, instead of contracting like most other materials do upon cooling. This ensures that animals in lakes can survive during the winter because ice floats.

The naturalist Viktor Schauberger

*Schauberger's studies on water (keep it cool and keep it moving)

Cleaning water
+Schauberger's pipes and funnel
+UV, Ozone, filtration; no chlorine

*Trombe for repair and power


*Rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling

*Repairing the groundwater through swales


Part 2: Soil

*The dangers of pooling, erosion, run-off, eutriophication

*Cement causes flooding; parking lots everywhere in city design

*"The Dream Team" (Plants, Insects, Fungi, Animals)
+Mycorrhiza and Plant Root symbiosis capturing Carbon and making healthier plants;
+Bees and fungi
+Importance of live worms; cold composting
+Interconnecting Sanitation and Agriculture with "humanure"
+Killers (tilling, pesticides, fugicides, herbicides)

*Weeds as a gateway; agroforestry

*Why desertification happens and how to prevent it
+Reforestation of Deserts (Geoff Lawton)
+Increasing oxygen and shifting climate by increasing Plant density (Willie Smits)

Part 3: Air

*CFCs and other gaseous dangers; weather control experiments, "ecoengineering"
We do not need to manage Earth in such a manner, but to more properly manage ourselves.

*Causes of smog (e.g.: industry, cars, breeding livestock, etc.)

*The importance of temperature to waters and winds; Schauberger's Climator

*Ending how we began through "the second great oxygenation event"