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Media By/About Buckminster Fuller

We have made several references to Buckminster's work before, such as here and here. This will be a place for links to some materials and notes about what they contain...


Nine Chains To The Moon (1938)
Untitled Epic Poem On The History of Industrialization (1962)
Education Automation (1963)
Ideas and Integrities (1963)
No More Secondhand God (1963)
Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (1968)
Utopia or Oblivion (1969)
Intuition (1970)
Approaching the Benign Environment (1970) Children of Earth (1972)
Earth Inc. (1973)
And It Came to Pass - Not to Stay (1976)
Critical Path (1981)
Grunch of Giants (1983)
Humans In Universe (1983)
Inventions (1983)

Books By Others (in no particular order)

E.J. Applewhite - Cosmic Fishing
Alden Hatch - Buckminster Fuller: At Home In The Universe
Sidney Rosen - Wizard of the Dome: R. Buckminster Fuller, Designer for the Future
Robert W. Marks – The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller
Jonathon Keats - You Belong to the Universe: Buckminster Fuller and the Future
Robert R. Potter - Buckminster Fuller: Pioneers in Change
Athena V. Lord - Pilot for Spaceship Earth: R. Buckminster Fuller, Architect, Inventor, and Poet
Martin Pawley - Buckminster Fuller: Design Heroes
Lloyd Steven Sieden - Buckminster Fuller's Universe
Hugh Kenner - Bucky: A Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller
Robert Snyder - Buckminster Fuller: An Auto-Biographical Monologue/Scenario
Thomas T.K. Zung - Buckminster Fuller: Anthology for the New Millennium


Grunch of Giants Audiobook
Everything I Know Lecture Series [PDF Transcript]

[In Progress...]