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Tips For Reading Walter & Lao

• When we focus on the message being conveyed, rather than projecting our own definitions on the words that are used, we are more apt to understand what is being presented and why.

We can even develop our own concordance by taking every instance of a term within its context. For example, making a list of page numbers for each book upon which the term Cubic Wave-Field appears can help make it plain how this term is being used.

• Science and Spirituality are complementary methods for obtaining knowledge, and one does not necessarily exclude the other. For example, one's intuition can guide one's reasoning, and vice versa. To embrace all aspects of our being and direct them towards the constructive allows one's potential to start to manifest.

Likewise, Walter and Lao intended their creations to be taken together as one whole. For example, from pgs. 6-7 of The One-World Purpose [First Edition (1960)]:

...first, man must be shown how to live together as one harmonious unit, otherwise all efforts for man's transcendency will be in vain. Lao Russell's new scientific philosophy for tomorrow, which is in tune with the inexorable laws of Nature, will fill that need. Walter Russell's new science for tomorrow, which will ease man's heavy burdens of digging in the earth to deplete its natural resources, will be of no avail until man's soul is first awakened from its long entombment by the material concepts of reality, which an unfolding inner-vision will alone release.

• Match up all of the images with their descriptions and see them moving within your "Mind's Eye". Meditate on their meaning. Treat all diagrams as different views of the same thing: geometric archetypes that apply to every level of scale. This is what is meant by the term Space Geometry.

From pg. 170 of Atomic Suicide? [First Edition (1957)]:

That which cannot be sensed in invisible space is yet to be dynamically known. The mystery of the crystal, and its cleavages which divides crystals into units, lies within the knowledge of space geometry, which can be scientifically organized into Mind-visibility, as bodies in motion can be scientifically organized into sense-visibility. There is nothing in nature which the senses can feel that the Mind cannot know.

• Above all, seek The One. When you find The One within yourself (through a sincere desire to give Love to All, in addition to yourself) then everything becomes readily apparent, or the means for understanding it presents itself to you.

The One can tell you what you need to know, in precisely the ways you need to know it, but first, you have to be open to it. If there is space in our hearts for Truth, then Truth will rush in to fill it.