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A Primer On Cubic Wave-Fields


Definition of the term "wave field" from Wiktionary:
"(physics) The extended area or space taken up by a wave."

Covering the dynamics of the various types of electric waves that move through them will be addressed elsewhere. Here, we will describe a little bit about the Cubic Wave-Fields themselves.

Structure - Part I

There are 6 planes that make up the outer faces of the cube. These are called The 6 Mirrors of Reaction or The Screen of Space:

Image from pg. 158 of A New Concept of the Universe [Reprint? (1989)]

There are 3 planes that cross each other at 90-degrees within the center of the cube. These are called The 3 Mirrors of Action or Projection:

Image from pg. 158 of A New Concept of the Universe [Reprint? (1989)]

Altogether, this makes 9 Mirrors which make up The Cubic Wave-Field:

Image from pg. 158 of A New Concept of the Universe [Reprint? (1989)]

The reason why they are referred to as "mirrors" is because they seem to reverse the polarities of the electric waves that pass through the space contained by them, much like how a mirror seems to flip an image reflected within it. They are equivalent to what in modern physics would be called a "domain wall" (which, in the study of "magnetism", also seem to come in two types, called "Néel Walls" and "Bloch Walls", respectively).

Functions - Part I

Because the same geometries are used repeatedly throughout the universe on every level of scale, The Cubic Wave-Field has many functions:

As a coordinate system

Like a developing embryo, all forms unfold from the center-out. The center point of the cube is equivalent to the center of gravity of any body. Likewise, anything that has volume may be thought of as being divided up by 3 planes which control its symmetry. Let's take the human body as an example:

Photo Credit: ???

Perhaps the most obvious plane in the case of the human body is the "sagittal plane" that creates the "bilateral symmetry" of our bodies (i.e.: the mirroring between our left and right sides). It is literally a Mirror in our personal Wave-Field.

However, every part of every thing can be divided up in a similar fashion. For example, our brains:

Photo Credit: Blausen Medical 2014

+The "sagittal plane" (left-right) divides the brain into "left" and "right hemispheres" through the "corpus callosum," a bundle of nerves that connects the two together.
+The "coronal plane" (front-back) divides the brain into "frontal" and "occipital lobes" through the "central sulcus," a prominent fold in the crinkly surface of the brain.
+The "transverse plane" (top-bottom) divides the brain into "neocortex" and "limbic systems" through the "lateral sulcus," another prominent fold in the crinkly surface of the brain.
These three planes converge in the center (where the pineal gland is).

Again, all things unfold from the center-out, which is why these 3 Mirrors are referred to as Mirrors of Projection or Action.

As a way to partition space

Just as everything is divided by 3 planes, they can also be thought of as bounded by 6 planes. This splits up all of space into discrete containers.

• From pg. 36 of A New Concept of the Universe pg. 36 [Reprint? (1989)]:

Scientific observers have never thought of it that way. They have not thought of space as being divided into definitely measured "compartments" such as wave fields.

This phenomenon is now acknowledged within some branches of modern physics...

• From Cambridge Cosmology:

A network of domain walls effectively partitions the universe into various 'cells'.

Consequences - Part I

Everything has a Wave-Field.

Let's describe some consequences of their existence:

• The Illusion Of Motion Within The Cosmic Cinema

Objects cannot pass through the 6 Mirrors of Reaction. Instead, they are repeated from cube-to-cube at the "speed of light". To use an analogy, the pictures on your computer screen are not moving, even when they seem to. They are merely being retraced from point-to-point (called a "pixel"), across the surface of the screen. However, these containers are akin to a 3-D checkerboard (like a "voxel"), and the "retracing" occurs from the center-out, rather than from only one-direction.

Therefore, if the center point within the 3 Mirrors of Action are like a movie camera, projecting forms made of light into existence, then the 6 Mirrors of Reaction are like the surface upon which these images are projected. This is why they are called The Screen of Space.

• Complexity From Simplicity; Infinity Within The Seemingly Finite

Just like the complex images produced by the mirrors within a kaleidoscope, an endless array of forms can be generated by the electric waves reflected within the Mirrors of the Cubic Wave-Field.

By repeating and compounding a single form, we can endlessly create a multitude of seemingly different forms.

• Universality

As stated above, everything has its own Wave-Field, and is embedded within ever larger Wave-Fields like a "Matryoshka" (i.e.: a Russian nesting doll):

Photo Credit: ???

Notice that, since all of the planes of the Cubic Wave-Field function as mirrors, then there are many mirrors facing one another. The image within any two mirrors facing one another repeats endlessly:

Photo Credit: Hybrid Children

Therefore, anything repeated in one Wave-Field, is repeated in all Wave-Fields endlessly. This is how all things within the universe are integrated together as One whole. What do you send out into your Wave-Field? What you do as an individual is important to the universe.

From pg. 16 of A New Concept of the Universe [Reprint? (1989)]:

All thought-waves created anywhere in any wave field become universal by repeating them everywhere.

Structure - Part II

All of this continual compounding, nesting, and repeating imparts a "holographic"-like quality to the geometry of the Cubic Wave-Field. Any point within it can be thought of as the center.

Cleaned up version of the image on pg. 159 of A New Concept of the Universe [Reprint? (1989)]

Functions - Part II

As a lattice for crystallization

We can think of each point of the cube as a place where something crystallizes, whether an atom or a galaxy. All crystal structures are reducible to cubic forms that have been stretched and/or flattened in some manner because their shapes are based off of an X-Y-Z coordinate system:

Photo Credit: Penn Engineering - Solid State Chemistry

Atoms can only pack together in certain ways. These are called "Bravais Lattices", and there are 14 of them (all of which are shown in the above diagram). Notice how they are all essentially cubic in shape, and that the atoms only show up where the zeros of the Wave-Field are.

As a field providing structure

The electrical patterns inside the space of the Wave-Field become the matter which centers the Wave-Field and vice versa. They continually interchange, even if we can only directly sense half of the cycle.

However, it is possible to get a measurable glimpse into these patterns in space. Let's get to know our Wave-Field. From pgs. 12-14 of The Blueprint of Immortality: The Electric Patterns of Life by Harold Saxton Burr:

Electro-dynamic fields are invisible and intangible; and it is hard to visualize them. But a crude analogy may help to show what the fields of life - L-fields for short - do and why they are so important:

Most people who have taken high-school science will remember that if iron-filings are scattered on a card held over a magnet they will arrange themselves in the pattern of the 'lines of force' of the magnet's field. And if the filings are thrown away and fresh ones scattered on the card, the new filings will assume the same pattern as the old.

Something like this - though infinitely more complicated - happens in the human body. Its molecules and cells are constantly being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh material from the food we eat. But, thanks to the controlling L-field, the new molecules and cells are rebuilt as before and arrange themselves in the same pattern as the old ones.

Modern research with 'tagged' elements has revealed that the materials of our bodies and brains are renewed much more often than was previously realized. All the protein in the body, for example, is 'turned over' every six months and, in some organs, such as the liver, the protein is renewed more frequently. When we meet a friend we have not seen for six months there is not one molecule in his face which was there when we last saw him. But, thanks to his controlling L-field, the new molecules have fallen into the old, familiar pattern and we can recognize his face.

Until modern instruments revealed the existence of the controlling L-fields, biologists were at a loss to explain how our bodies 'keep in shape' through ceaseless metabolism and changes of material. Now the mystery has been solved, the electro-dynamic field of the body serves as a matrix or mould, which preserves the 'shape' or arrangement of any material poured into it, however often the material may be changed.

When a cook looks at a jelly-mould she knows the shape of the jelly she will turn out of it. In much the same way, inspection with instruments of an L-field in its initial stage can reveal the future 'shape' or arrangement of the materials it will mould. When the L-field in a frog's egg, for instance, is examined electrically it is possible to show the future location of the frog's nervous system because the frog's L-field is the matrix which will determine the form which will develop from the egg. (See page 61.)

Inspection of L-fields is done with special voltmeters and electrodes - to be described shortly - which reveal different patterns or gradients of voltages in different parts of the L-field.

To return to the cook, when she uses a battered mould she expects to find some dents or bulges in the jelly. Similarly, a 'battered' L-field - that is, one with abnormal voltage-patterns -can give warning of something 'out of shape' in the body, sometimes in advance of actual symptoms.

For example, malignancy in the ovary has been revealed by L-field measurements before any clinical sign could be observed. Such measurements, therefore, could help doctors to detect cancer early, when there is a better chance of treating it successfully. (See page 54 and Dr. Langman's paper in Part II.)

Nature keeps an infinite variety of electro-dyanmic 'jelly-moulds' on her shelves with which she shapes the countless different forms of life that exist on this planet. L-fields have been detected and measured not only in men and women but also in animals, trees, plants, seeds, eggs and even in one of the lowest forms of life, slime-moulds.

Consequences - Part II

Both within and without things are guided by an Intelligence greater than their own personality alone. By connecting the two in constructive ways, we begin to transcend the limitations that we place upon ourselves, but even more importantly, we come to know The One.

Thank you for reading!