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Original Synopsis
Dated: 10/23/2016

The following contains a lot of spoilers. If you want to read the script (or the comic when it is released), you might want to skip over this.

A sort of bounty hunter working on behalf of an interplanetary government, is hired to track down and capture a fugitive (whom we will call Cornelius). But, Cornelius is literally a shapeshifter that has been impossible for them to trace so far. The crime he is being accused of is trafficking weapons to "hostile planets". As the bounty hunter tries harder and harder to find him, he begins to uncover something he did not expect, a conspiracy. People within the interplanetary government that hired him are actually attempting to capture the "fugitive" in order to silence him. He is a whistleblower that has uncovered their plot to provide weapons to developing planetary systems in order for them to destroy themselves through war. The idea of "hostile planets" is propaganda, and the shapeshifter was once part of a group of mind controlled couriers. They are chosen for their shapeshifting abilities to hide amongst the populations of these developing planets. They act as channels for the corrupt people within the government to provide weapons in ways that seem innocuous (i.e. the people of that planet think the developments in advanced weaponry are inventions created by their own people for purposes of "self-defense"). Cornelius's brainwashing failed when he got a head injury while on the planet that he was meant to traffick weapons to. The bounty hunter, working with Cornelius, tries to formulate a plan to flush out the corrupt government officials, but encounters some obstacles along the way. Who can he really trust?