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Wonderful You by Kate Gleeson

One Day Big Bear said to Small Bear,
There's something you should know:
I made a wish and you came true, and now I love you so.

You're the colors of my rainbow,
The honey in my tea.
You're butterflies and lullabies,
You're everything to me!

You're bright blue skies on sunny days,
When we take a walk at noon.
You're shooting stars on summer nights,
You're a ring around the moon.

Let's hug the trees and ride the breeze,
Let's gather stars and share them.
We'll talk to birds and learn their words,
We'll string some shells and wear them.

Let's name the clouds and dream out loud,
Let's ask a fox to tea.
We'll thank the sun, and just for fun,
We'll wave to bumblebees.

You are my child, my precious one - special in every way.
I'm filled with wonder of wonderful you,
And I love you more each day!