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The Phoenix is a firey bird who is cyclically reborn from its own ashes. The Dragon is a watery serpent that brings luck amidst the rain. Together, these mythical creatures represent the creation of the Universe. The water in space fuses to become the fire of stars.

Whenever these two complementary aspects of reality are brought into balance, life and love endure forever. This harmonious union, represented by the pearl between them, is a treasure that we should cherish every time that we are fortunate enough to find it.

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The spiral appears everywhere throughout Nature, acting as a bridge from the invisibly small to the inconceivably large.

That galaxy in the sky is like the whirl of your fingerprint. The differences in space and time are only a matter of perception, as both are part of the same living being.

Story / Meaning:

These are a couple of pieces of art that are loosely based off of some personal spiritual experiences. The descriptions above were written for the galleries where they were displayed.