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On Technology (06/04/2020)

It has been said that "technology is morally neutral", that it can be used to heal or to harm. However, weapons are designed with a particular function in mind. Whether one intends to use them offensively or defensively, it is a shame that people create situations that they interpret as necessitating their use. It changes when each of us decides otherwise.

The destructive aspects of society are something that lie within people's thoughts and feelings, and some technological "advances" have a tendency to amplify them, to multiply their impact upon others. The tool which can increase efficiency may also be leveraged to expedite slavery.

More technology will not necessarily fix the problems that we encounter, especially if their use is not tempered by compassion and discernment. How are we applying what we already have, and what are we aiming for with what is yet to come?

Some music:
Benny Hester - The Door

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