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What Does Heaven Look Like? (06/05/2020)

Imagination is not limited only to the things that we sense. Our dreams can encompass entire realities that do not exist outside of ourselves.

However, if we continually focus in on them, they start to externalize and become the world around us.

If they are founded upon virtuous desires, then we help to "bridge Heaven and Earth". But if they are destructive, then it is to manifest one's own "personal hell".

The former is filled with kindness and great beauty, while the latter is hideous and horrible. Words can help us to balance ourselves...

Affirmations and prayers are usually stated in the positive because the mind must first visualize a thing in order to negate it. Therefore, we should give no thought to the destructive, but invest entirely in the constructive until it appears before us plainly.

This links us up with a constructiveness greater than we could ever imagine.

Some music:
Björk - Desired Constellation

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