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A Visualization Exercise (06/06/2020)

What would our lives be like if we had want of nothing?

For example, imagine that you were to go into your kitchen and any type of food that you could possibly want to eat is there. Do the same for every resource in your life. To continue our example, you look in your closet or drawer and any outfit that you want to wear is there. In fact, everywhere you look anything you could ever want is right before you. Feel the overflow of joy, gratitude, and security that fills your heart when abundance is all around you in this manner.

If you are having trouble imagining it, let go of any worries about how "realistic" it is, whether or not you are "doing it right", etc. Just ask yourself, "What if?" Keep doing this until it starts to become more clear. The most important aspect that we want to capture here is the feeling that abundance evokes. Once we have felt it, the trick is to realize that this feeling is actually something that we created within ourselves. It does not necessarily have to arise in response to something outside of us, even though it may sometimes seem that way. With enough attention, we can recreate this feeling at will and remember to do so whenever we might slip out of it. If we do it enough, it becomes a habit and starts to influence our experience of reality.

Some music:
Rob Kovacs - Thanksgiving Song

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