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Time Traps (06/13/2020)

Sometimes people are stuck in their own past, repeating hypothetical situations over-and-over again in their minds with "would've", "could've", and "should've" becoming variations on a dark theme.

Rather than continue this unpleasant dance whose steps are motivated by regrets, we must realize that the past can only be changed within the context of the present. We can learn from what was instead of getting caught up in it. We can decide what to do today.

In a similar manner, people are sometimes stuck in their own future, longing after vague dreams or playing out worst-case scenarios. But why be filled with fear or anxiety over something that has not happened yet? To resign oneself to the whims of "fate" is to give up before even trying.

Planning can provide some structure, and hope can provide the fuel to follow through. If we keep our expectations humble and our hearts grateful, then the path forward always stays smooth.

Some music:
Malcolm & Alwyn - Things Are Getting Better

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