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Tough Choices & Borrowed Goods (06/14/2020)

Some decisions are rationalized as "for the greater good". It is thought that by the hurt of some, many more will be saved. This can become a "slippery slope", where those who wield power eventually become tyrants who rationalize the continuance of their destructive actions by seeing them as in the best interest of others.

Once someone has convinced themselves that a harmful behavior is "good", what is to keep them from repeating it? This is why we all act to keep each other in check. Our growth is not ours alone.

Likewise, everything is connected in such a manner that we always have to rely upon others to some extent. As the popular phrase goes, "no man is an island". For example, every resource that we have is from the collective work of others. Everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat has most likely passed through countless hands in order to get to us.

Bringing balance to all of these relationships is something that we should focus on together.

Some music:
Abstract Rude, Slug, & Brother Ali - The Solution

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