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Friends (06/18/2020)

Having a network of many acquaintances that one only knows superficially is quite different from having a few friends whom one can trust deeply. What makes a person a "good friend"? Here are some ideas...

Good friends:

• speak openly with you instead of gossiping behind your back

• help you when they see you struggling instead of standing off to the side

• hang out with you for who you are, not what you have

• encourage your growth without being overly critical or judgmental

None of these things revolve around having similar tastes. While it can be fun to share in something that both enjoy, tastes can change. Besides, what good is having similar tastes if that person also regularly undermines your self-esteem? Friends support one another with kindness, not tear each other down with cruelty.

While we should treat everyone with compassion and civility, even those who may try to cause us harm, it is also nice to have the company of some friends from time to time.

Some music:
Ozric Tentacles - Changa Masala

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