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Music (06/23/2020)

Music pieces can tell stories without necessarily having words to accompany them. There is a waxing and waning to the action like the unfolding of a good narrative. To some extent, one could even analyze a piece of music with writing tools like "Freytag's Pyramid", which interprets the flow of a story as unfolding in a pattern of:

This is particularly apparent within musical concepts like "Chords" (i.e.: groups of Notes that are played simultaneously). Some Chords build up a kind of excitement or anticipation ("Dominant Function"), while others release it ("Tonic Function").

Likewise, there are certain moods that each aspect of a piece of music can help induce. To use the idea of Chords again, a distinction that one often encounters when first learning music is the difference between the so-called "Major" and "minor" Chords. Generally, one type sounds "happy" and the other sounds "sad". However, the feelings that some sounds can trigger are not always obvious. They can be subtle, with lots of nuance. What does the feeling of "nostalgia" sound like for you?

The storytelling possibilities of music are quite rich!

Some music:
Toriena - Pulse Fighter

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