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Study Tips: Organization, Exploration, Repetition (06/24/2020)

Do you have a strong personal reason for studying a particular topic? If so, we can approach the subject systematically so that it can be easier to assimilate!

First, we should gather and organize our resources in a way that makes them easy to access. We cannot use what we do not know we have, and further, we are less likely to regularly use that which is hard to get to. Organization is never a "waste of time", and so long as we keep something organized, it will increase our efficiency over time.

Once this is done, we can use those resources to thoroughly condition the basics unto mastery. This is accomplished by exploration and repetition. Exploration helps us to find what we need in ways that engage our attention, while repetition aids us in readily recalling it in order to apply it. To clarify:

• The exploration should not be "random", but done in reference to what is needed. In other words, there should be well-defined goals that the exploration is aimed at. For example, it is helpful to gain a thorough understanding of the core vocabulary of a subject first, as this will act as a foundation for everything else that is learned about it. If we trip over the language used, then we make it that much harder for ourselves to understand everything else.

• The repetition should not be "mindless", but done with care and attention to how it is done. We want to build up a "good habit" that serves us, not a "bad habit" that we will have to redo later. Therefore, it does not matter if we put a lot of time into something if we do it carelessly. Quantity is only as good as its quality. With the basics made into a reflex, we can then apply them creatively and compound them to get more complex structures.

Happy Studies!

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