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Collecting Oneself (05/24/2020)

What do you sincerely want most in life? If there were no limitations whatsoever, what would you choose?

Sometimes we have such nebulous ideas about where we are going, or why we do the things that we do, that we may feel "stuck" or as if we are "just going through the motions" day-by-day. Inversely, it might be tricky to pin it down to anything in particular when our situation seems as if it is constantly in flux. Whether slowly or quickly, such tendencies can leave one drifting through life on a sea of vagaries. We must drop anchor...

First, the point of stability that we seek is not something that lies outside of ourselves, but rather, it is the core of our own being. Once we recognize this, then we can act from it. Circumstances are irrelevant when it comes to making the decision to seek clarity within ourselves.

And once we have found it, only then can we truly be open to the constructive possibilities around us.

Some music:
frederic - ONLYWONDER

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