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Composure & Balance (05/25/2020)

Sometimes people become perturbed over small annoyances that, ultimately, do not matter much. In other words, they allow those behaviors to elicit a reaction greater than what is called for. It can sometimes lead to dramatic outbursts, especially when they are repeated regularly over a long period of time. It may eventually become "the straw that broke the camel's back". Ironically, sometimes the person doing the action is not even aware of how they evoked that response...

Likewise, a small gesture of goodwill builds up one's positive regard for another, and over time, this can accumulate in such a way that the person's presence is welcomed, wanted. Friendships, and even marriages, often find their genesis in a single simple act of kindness.

In general, all relationships are founded upon reciprocity and balance in some form, so it would seem that people are more likely to help those whom are willing to help them in return.

However, relationships become an art when we take sincere pleasure in treating others kindly, not with the expectation of receiving something in return or to "prove" ourselves in some manner, but merely for the sake of expressing Kindness.

Some music:
Punch Brothers - All Ashore

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