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Memory & Words (05/26/2020)

All memory is associtive. We remember things by the connections that they make. For example, one might recall a past event because of its similarity to a present circumstance. Likewise, a large portion of our words are defined through their use, not through direct study of their definitions.

In general, whether written or spoken, all words are defined by context. The same word in different contexts can have very different meanings. Therefore, we need a certain amount of flexibility when interpreting words. This includes not only the words directed at us externally, but also the words that we use with ourselves internally...

Many people have a tendency to organize their thoughts in terms of speech. They "talk to themselves" within their own mind. This kind of "self-talk" is within our control, although we might sometimes forget this fact and speak to ourselves in ways that are disparaging and undermine our own goals. And further, this is sometimes reflected outward in the form of hurtful remarks that one uses in an attempt to feel better about themselves.

However, a healthy inner voice is not one that is prideful or arrogant, but is secure in one's own constructive aspects and respects the constructive qualities inherent in others. Rather than tear each other down, let's use honest words to build up one another and to make happy memories together.

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