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Effective Learning (05/30/2020)

There isn't anything that is "unknowable". In other words, all constructive things are within our ability to understand if we take a moment to learn and explore.

The first thing to do before attempting to learn anything is to get an idea about why we want to learn about a subject. These reasons can differ from person-to-person, but one reason is not necessarily "better" than another.

While it may seem trivial, this step is very important. If we do not have a clear motive, then we aren't likely to get very far in our studies, that is, if we even begin trying to study in the first place.

Next, we must keep in mind that "intelligence" is not something that can be measured or compared. Some may disagree with that statement, but I find it more helpful to think of it in this manner: It is not that anyone knows "more" or "less" than any other, but that our experiences are unique. We all focus on different things. You know things that I don't, and vice versa. If we work together, then we can do more than each of us working alone. Civilization itself is a testament to the value of camaraderie and collaboration.

Finally, we must remember that learning should never be drudgery. It can and should be interesting and fun. Whenever we hit a wall or get burned out, that is a signal to reevaluate the methods that we are using in an attempt to understand. Cramming is not conductive to the retention of information, and further, information committed to memory is useless if it is not also constructively applied.

Do not "give up". Keep a sense of wonder. If one approach does not seem to be working, then explore others. We will eventually hit upon those words and actions that make the most sense to us, ones that make the subject transparent rather than opaque. It is also a good practice to attempt to rephrase information within our own words to make sure that we understand it fully. Repetition is not always equivalent to understanding.

So, in summary:
1. Have A Clear Motive
2. Collaborate Rather Than Compare
3. Keep Exploring & Sharing

Happy Learning!

Some music:
Mudplay - Alive [An acappella cover of 萨顶顶 - Alive]

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