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Understanding Prejudice (05/31/2020)

Prejudice is to "pre-judge" (i.e.: to make assumptions about another's character, usually based upon some superficial physical feature or circumstance, such as age, gender, race, nationality, etc.).

The reason why it is destructive is because the outside of a person often cannot tell us fully what is going on inside of a person, yet some may use those things as an excuse to treat others poorly.

Generalization can be a useful tool in organizing information, but it can also be harmful when zealously over-applied, especially when it comes to human beings. We are not necessarily the labels that others might use in reference to us.

Further, we should not inherit the prejudices of our ancestors, but carefully learn from their wisdom. Life has much to offer, and it doesn't include the mindless perpetuation of violence.

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The Sundowners - Always You

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